Take David On Holiday: Interactive App Hairy Maclary From Donaldson's Dairy

With the vacation season nearly upon us, here's the first in a series of ideas for David Tennant's fans to pack him away in their hand luggage and enjoy his company in their holiday destinations - in digital form at least.

To start here's one for the little ones, for whom a long journey can be a difficult and tedious part of the family holiday. Fortunately there's a perfect app to keep them amused on the way, and the publishers have sent us a special sampler video so everyone can have a sneak peek.

The Hairy Maclary series of rhyming storybooks has been enchanting young children for over 30 years, following the adventures of a little black dog and his friends and foes across 20 different titles. In 2010 when author Lynley Dodd wanted the finest Scottish voice to narrate the original tale for a new interactive app they went straight to David Tennant. Happily he obliged, and the resulting QBook is, New Zealand publishers Kiwa Digital tell us, still the biggest seller in their range.

The app is far more than just an audio tale narrated by David - it comes packed with interactive features. Users can playback the story at their own pace and see the words highlighted onscreen or can touch to hear individual words spoken. The story can also be complemented by signed versions in ASL, AUSLAN and NZSL. A paint mode with changeable colours and brush sizes is available on every page. Finally users can use the My Narration function to record the story themselves and customise their book. In all it's the perfect package to keep young children occupied on their own for a good while or to allow some precious interactive time.

"Ooh! That's me!"
As a special treat, Kiwa Digital have produced a video of David Tennant narrating the story of Hairy Maclary From Donaldson's Dairy.

The app is available worldwide:
Apple users: Buy from the Apple store here
Android users: Buy from Google Play here