OUT TODAY: Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Issue #13 From Titan Comics

Issue #13 the ongoing comic book series Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor is out today in comic stores and as a digital download. The officially licensed series from Titan Comics features new adventures with the Tenth Doctor, as portrayed onscreen by David Tennant, and his latest companion, aspiring artist Gabby Gonzalez.

The new issue is written by Eisner award-winning writer Nick Abadzis (Laika) with art by fan-favorite Elena Casagrande (Suicide Risk). 

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor - Issue #13
The Tenth Doctor and Gabby race towards the conclusion of Year One of their brand new adventures!
A terrifying pyramid has appeared in the skies above New York City, and it’s here to claim an ancient secret – buried in the body of a very-much alive movie star.
As the Doctor attempts to unravel the conflict, Gabby and Cindy’s friendship is stretched to breaking point. Has Gabby changed too much in her short time away – or has she changed just enough to save the day?

The Doctor is faced with another mystery as actress Dorothy is transformed into something...else. Whether the entity that possesses her is working for good or evil is unknown for now but its actions are set to cause disruption and panic throughout the city. Before long companion Gabby is once again in peril and the Doctor must team up with Gabby's bemused best friend Cindy in order to bring her safely back to him. However, that also means teaming up with a deranged religious cult who already know far too much about the Doctor and his dealings with UNIT, and the enigmatic Cleo, whose last enocunter with the Doctor and his allies was somewhat less than friendly. 

We're left on a thrilling cliffhanger with an invasion imminent. And was the whole artifact plot just an elaborate plan to trap the Doctor himself? When the series returns for its second year in September it looks like saving the world may lie in Gabby's hands

The issue is available through local comic stores or can be ordered directly from the Titan Comics website.

A digital issue is available via ComiXology.

Check out an alternative cover and artwork below:

The next issue, released on August 12th, will be the start of the five-part weekly miniseries Doctor Who: Four Doctors. The summer special penned by Doctor Who TV series writer Paul Cornell will feature the Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth and War Doctors joining forces against a deadly threat.