COMIC BOOK RELEASE - Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Collection Vol.2 - In Stores July 22nd

On Wednesday 22nd July, the second collection of the sell-out smash new Tenth Doctor comic book series hits stores. Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Vol.2 The Weeping Angels Of Mons is written by the award-winning Robbie Morrison (Spider-Man, Drowntown, Nikolai Dante) and features art by Daniel Indro (Sherlock Holmes, Green Hornet) and Eleonora Carlini.

The brand new officially licensed ongoing series from Titan Comics follows the Tenth Doctor as portrayed onscreen by David Tennant in the period following the climax of season four. 

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Vol. 2 - The Weeping Angels Of Mons
The Doctor and new companion Gabriella Gonzalez are sent hurtling back into the past – and into the trenches of World War One!
Bombed by the German artillery, arrested as spies by the British, Gabby and the Doctor soon learn that there’s something even worse moving in the gas and wreathes of smoke out in No Man’s Land… stone statues who move only when you’re not looking at them. The Weeping Angels have come to feed on the futures of young soldiers -- in their hundreds of thousands. It’s an unmissable historical epic!

Could the horrors of war be made even more terrifying? The answer, apparently, is yes. Robbie Morrison in his breathtaking story takes the trenches of the Great War as the stage into which he introduces a foe that is consistently voted the scariest of all of the NuWho monsters – the Weeping Angels. Daniel Indro’s stark grey and brown artwork provides the perfect backdrop for the action, a maze of tunnels and trenches and ruined buildings replete with dark corners where one of the quantum locked terrors might be lurking. Robbie Morrison’s Doctor is the one that we know and love from the TV series, all mile-a-minute gabbling and a zero tolerance attitude to man’s inhumanity to man at the same time. There’s some poignant moments as we get to know a little about the men who prepare to sacrifice themselves on the battlefield to secure the freedom of others. There are also some real shocks – the self-mutilation of the German soldier attempting to escape the touch of the angels is an image not easily forgotten. Morrison even manages to squeeze in a little romance as companion Gabby finds herself drawn to handsome soldier Jamie (himself a nice little nod back to Frazer Hines’ classic character). Once again the Doctor succeeds in gathering the right people around him and encourages them to find the best in themselves and use their skills and inner strengths to pull together to defeat a common enemy. The story has the feel of a classic adventure and certainly wouldn’t have been out of place in the televised series – proof if any were needed of the worth of the comic book adventures in Doctor Who canon.

The graphic novel is available from Wednesday 22nd July via your local comic book store and larger book stores.

It can be ordered directly in print or digital form directly from Titan Comics - click here
UK fans can order through Amazon for release on September 1st - click here

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