Titan Comics Reveal Exclusive SDCC Doctor Who Merchandise

Titan Comics have announced some special treats available exclusively to attendees at this year’s San Diego Comic Con (July 9-12 2015).


Of interest to David Tennant fans there will be two exclusive and highly collectable Titans Doctor Who figures. One is a special 3” Day Of The Doctor figure featuring the Tenth Doctor wearing the Eleventh Doctor’s fez.

Another 4.5" TITAN figure features the Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant, all dressed up in his tuxedo! and brainy specs!

There’s some special comic book collectables too:


The Twelfth Doctor and Clara feature in a special short story comic book, available only at San Diego Comic Con 2015 written by George Mann and Cavan Scott with art by Rachael Stott and two amazing covers to collect from fan-favorite artist Alice X. Zhang.

When the Twelfth Doctor and Clara turn up at San Diego Comic Con, a quick selfie outside the TARDIS reveals an alien threat among the con-goers and cosplayers, one looking to gain the power to breach into our dimension to feed on the life-force of the whole planet. Can the Doctor and Clara defeat her and save the day? The edition also features an early in-print glimpse of the Doctor Who 2015 Event - Four Doctors!


There’s some extra special covers for the latest editions of the ongoing Doctor Who comic book series. Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #14, Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #14 and Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #11. All three releases will be available with fantastic photographic covers which join together to form a triptych.

All items are available from Titan at Booth #5537


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