REVIEW: On Sale Today - Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Issue #11 From Titan Comics

Today​ ​sees the release of issue #11 of the comic book series Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor by Titan Comics. The brand new story is written by Nick Abadzis with art by Elena Casagrande. The officially licensed comics catch up with the Tenth Doctor, as portrayed by David Tennant, in the period following the events of Journey’s End.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor
Issue #11 – The Fountains Of Forever Part 1
Cindy and Gabby have a falling out after Gabby's homecoming – as an ancient artefact from the centre of the universe, a rogue Black Ops organisation, and a secret auction conspire to cause galaxy-shattering chaos!

Following their World War I adventure and their narrow escape from the clutches of the Weeping Angels the Doctor has brought companion Gabby Gonzalez back to present day New York for some down time with family and friends. However, Gabby soon finds that to be a companion of the Doctor’s is to be part of a very exclusive club outside of which experiences are rarely shared or believed. Gabby’s best friend Cindy is offended by her lack of contact and even more offended that Gabby is trying to fob her off with tales of distant worlds and deadly enemies instead of coming clean with the details about the mysterious new man in her life. 

Gabby doesn’t realise that what she is experiencing is something she has in common with so many of the Doctor’s companions: that it is almost impossible to reconcile life as a TARDIS traveller with ‘normal’ life at home. It’s usually only a matter of time before the two collide spectacularly. For a start, how do you explain a man like the Doctor to your best friend?

To add to Gabby’s discomfort, the Doctor has gone off on his own and she already has misgivings about his safety – and not without reason. It hasn’t taken the Time Lord long to uncover a black market sale of extraterrestrial artefacts and before long he’s become entangled in a web of intrigue involving a mysterious agent called Cleo, an ageing film star and a much coveted alien device. The issue culminates with the reappearance of a face from the Doctor’s past, one which he thought he would never set eyes on again. It’s going to take all of the Doctor’s ingenuity, not only to get things back to where they were, but also to explain to Gabby what’s happened. 

The new story sees the return of writer Nick Abadzis who has created a typically frenetic opener for the Doctor, whose capacity to get himself into trouble seems never ending. Abadzis' script sees a mercurial, quick-witted Doctor while Elena Casagrande's art captures David Tennant's nuanced performances and wide range of facial expressions with perfection. The story is building to a huge climax for the Doctor's first year of comic book adventures, and it's certainly going to be Gabby's biggest and most explosive adventure yet.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #11 is on sale now in print and digital forms from the Titan Comics website or through your local comic book store. (Limited quantities available in the UK).