INDIA: New Episodes Of Doctor Who Premiere On FX This Week

The rollout of New Who episodes of Doctor Who continues on TV in India this week with five new season three episodes making their debut on FX. David Tennant stars as the Doctor, an enigmatic time Lord travelling through time and space with his companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman). This week sees the pair face some of the Doctor's oldest enemies, race against time to save a doomed spaceship and face the consequences of toying with human DNA, while Martha is left isolated when the Doctor is forced to go into hiding from a deadly alien force.

The new episodes premiere at 9pm each day with several repeats during the following 24 hours. All five new episodes will also be aired in marathon on Saturday 4th July from 1pm.

Doctor Who: Season 3
FX, 9pm

Monday 29th June
Episode 5: Evolution Of The Daleks
The newly-created Dalek-human hybrid, and the other three members of the Cult of Skaro launch an attack on Hooverville, along with their Pig Slaves.

Tuesday 30th June
Episode 6: The Lazarus Experiment
Back in modern-day London, Martha returns to her family, one day after having left them.

Wednesday 1st July
Episode 7: 42
The Doctor arrives on board SS Pentallian, which is on a collision course with the Sun.

Thursday 2nd July
Episode 8: Human Nature
The Doctor, along with Martha, heads to a boarding school, to hide out from an alien race.

Friday 3rd July
Episode 9: The Family Of Blood
With the Doctor still human, only Martha can help. The watch is still missing, and the Family of Blood will do anything to get their hands on a Time Lord.