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If you are waiting impatiently to see David Tennant in Marvel's Jessica Jones, the second of Marvel's exclusive Netflix miniseries, you can keep up to date with all the latest developments via their Facebook page.

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Marvel's Jessica Jones is a thirteen part series produced by Marvel TV and ABC Studios for Netflix based on the Marvel MAX comic book series Alias by Brian Michael Bendis and written and executive produced by Melissa Rosenberg. The series follows Jessica Jones, formerly the superhero Jewel, who has hung up her cape following a personal tragedy that had left her traumatised. However, a shadowy figure from her past is set to return and send shockwaves through her world. Krysten Ritter plays Jones with David Tennant as the villainous former spy Kilgrave, who in the comic series is purple skinned following an espionage incident that has also left him with the ability to control minds. Mike Colter plays Luke Cage, Jessica's love interest, soon to have his own Marvel series next year.

Marvel's Jessica Jones will be released on Netflix later this year, with all thirteen episodes arriving on the same day. It is the second of four franchises based on Marvel's Defenders heroes. Daredevil arrived on screen to great critical acclaim in April and is already headed for a second season in 2016 which will also see the introduction of The Punisher, with Elektra and Bullseye also rumoured. Marvel's Luke Cage and Mavel's Iron Fist are also slated for a 2016 release, and a Defenders miniseries is expected to follow.