David Tennant Supports The Backing The BBC Campaign: "The BBC Is Not For The Politicians, It Is For Us"

David Tennant has signed up in support of industry magazine Broadcast's Backing The BBC campaign. 

Broadcast have launched the campaign in response to the threat towards future BBC funding. Many in the entertainments and media industries have expressed fears that the licence fee could be abolished or at best frozen as part of charter renewal leading to service and quality cuts. The Broadcast campaign appeals for the licence fee to be retained and set at a level that allows the BBC to remain the cornerstone of the UK creative industries.

David said in his pledge to the campaign:

"The BBC is part of our cultural DNA. It thrills and informs us as children, it educates and nourishes us as adults. It's reporting is the impartial envy of the world- the fact that politicians of every party are so quick to claim bias against them is proof positive of that. The quality of British broadcasting is driven by the BBC, theirs is the example that makes the rest of the industry try harder. Working in television around the world I am constantly reminded how jealous other nations are of the BBC. We must not let familiarity allow us to forget how special it is. The politicians may have reasons they would like to see the BBC reduced or dismantled, but the BBC is not for the politicians, it is for us. We must celebrate and protect the BBC for ourselves and for our children."

Oher supporters have included Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall, Doctor Who writer James Moran, and Paula Milne, writer of The Politician's Husband alongside numerous actors, producters, writers, directors, editors and individuals from throughout the industry. 

However the campaign is open to pledges from everyone in all walks of life and viewers and everyday supporters of the BBC are encouraged to have their say too. The licence fee enables the BBC to continue to innovate and experiment, to diversify, to take risks and to give opportunities to up-and-coming programme makers and future stars. Without this funding, the broadcaster would need to turn to advertising revenue and output could then become more commercial, more ratings-led and more formatted.

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