US & UK Pre-Order: Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 1 Companion Book

Available to preorder now in the USA and the UK is an exciting companion book to the upcoming Netflix exclusive series Marvel's A.K.A. Jessica Jones. The thirteen part series, currently in production in New York, stars Krysten Ritten as retired superhero Jones, with Mike Colter as her partner Luke Cage and David Tennant as the villainous Kilgrave, a shadowy figure from her past. The series also stars Rachael Taylor and Carrie-Anne Moss and is due for release on Netfix in late 2015.

The new collectible book gives a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes into the world that brings the story of Jessica Jones to life. Packed with stunning production photography, as well as exclusive interviews, the deluxe companion reveals the details of the set and script of Marvel's AKA Jessica Jones through the eyes of its makers.

The book is scheduled for release in the UK and USA on 17th November 2015.

Marvel's A.K.A Jessica Jones
Ever since her short-lived stint as a Super Hero ended in tragedy, Jessica Jones has been rebuilding her personal life and career as a hot-tempered, sardonic, badass private detective in Hell's Kitchen, New York City. Plagued by self-loathing, and a wicked case of PTSD, Jessica battles demons from within and without, using her extraordinary abilities as an unlikely champion for those in need... especially if they're willing to cut her a check.

A.K.A. Jessica Jones is adapted by Melissa Rosenberg from the Brian Michael Bendis comic book series Alias. The show is a Marvel Television and ABC Studios production for Netflix and follows the highly acclaimed recent release Daredevil onto the streaming service, the second of four commissions from Marvel leading into a Defenders miniseries.