UK PREMIERE: W1A Series 2 Episode 3 Airs Tonight On BBC Two

The third episode of the new series of W1A can be seen on BBC Two tonight from 10pm BST. The comedy follow up to Twenty Twelve sees former Olympic head of deliverance Ian Fletcher, played by Hugh Bonneville, in his new job as the BBC's Head of Values. Jessica Hynes, Sarah Parish, Jason Watkins and Nina Sosanya also star and David Tennant provides a dry narration.

In tonight's episode former head of output Anna Rampton has been crowned director of better. No-one on the management team is quite clear what the job entails, but one thing is certain - whatever it is, the concept of better needs to be announced to the world at large.

Tracey Pritchard, senior communications officer, suggests an event in the BBC Radio Theatre, but brand manager Siobhan Sharpe has altogether more awesome ideas - none of which involve the words radio or theatre. She encourages the team to think big and global, champagne and celebrities. Now it's just down to Anna Rampton to sell herself and the idea of 'betterness' globally.

Elsewhere, format-entertainment executive David Wilkes continues his seemingly unstoppable rise through the organisation with some surprising job news, and the BBC mega-hi-tech software programme Syncopatishare (designed to make life easier for busy executives) is proving difficult to master. Especially for ex-intern Will.

Finally, director of strategy Simon Harwood comes up with a brand new management structure for the BBC, which is essentially the old one rotated 90 degrees - one which threatens to put the director of better bang in the centre of things and head of values Ian Fletcher right at the margins. But Ian offers up an alternative and altogether more creative vision.