PHOTOS: David & Billie Meet Their Fans At Wizard World Philly - Part Four

David Tennant and Billie Piper were guests at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia at the weekend. The event took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre where they took part in a fun interactive Q&A panel, signed autographs and posed for photos with fans.
Thanks to a number of fans on our Facebook fanpage for sending in their fabulous photos!
We'll be posting as many as we can throughout today!

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Check out the fourth batch below:

Ben Miller 
"David was as friendly and charming as you'd expect! He told me I looked great in my costume."

Courtney Pritt 
"Literally the BEST day of my life! And when I told him that, he said he was honored to be a part of it! I can't say enough how amazing the experience was!"

Danielle Hendrickson

Amy Dill 
"We did Harry Potter poses!"

Shelley Dawson Hendershot 
"Go Curl! I asked him "How do you feel about curling?" and he laughed and said he had "curled back in school." 

Krista Mary 
"Over so quickly but best day ever! David is so sweet and as nice as everyone says he is!"

Laura Schiavo 
"Dream come true. I got my favorite play, "The Pillowman," signed by the very first Katurian Katurian Katurian. Such a whirlwind, but David was incredibly genuine and kind after two long days of crazy fans! So glad I could share this with my companion who proposed to me from inside a life-size TARDIS he had built himself. Thank you!"

Amy Seiden 
"It was awesome! He was so nice!"

Sarah McTamney

Darin M. Duzan 
"I will say this was my first Comic Con and my son is autistic and I want to say thank you for being a great roll model for our kids and I was the one you said "you are a class act" out of the crapton of people there."

Jen Hay 
"He is seriously one of the nicest guys ever!"

Crystal McLaughlin 
"They were both very sweet people. My 4 year old ran over and gave Billie a hug. One of the rules was no hugging but how could anyone resist a mini Rose Tyler?"

Laura Hooper Koshy 
"I asked for a quick hug as my cousin wheeled my 9 mo old around the corner out of the way (mommy wanted the pic for the grownups for mommy'mommy's day) and he must have thought it would be a pic of just me and the hug so when I motioned to my cousin he got a bit confused and I got a half hug. He was a great sport, I know photo ops are the "fast" line but we didn't get to chat much at the autograph either. Still, great guy. Thrilled to meet him."

Suri Arreguin 
"David is really handsome. I love his voice and everything about him. I'm in love! It was the best birthday present. I traveled from Mexico only to see him and I'm happy!!!
By the way I'm his new companion"

Kim Romigh 
"Always bring a banana to the party!"

Mandi Zola
"David met and exceeded all expectations! I hope he enjoyed himself even half as much as we (the fans) did. Philly loves you! Come back soon!"

Anna Brown
"David was amazing when my son kept putting his hand in his face he turned and said should I just hold you then and he gladly went to him. Once we walked out he started crying for David Tennant! Billie was also sweet and said he was a cutie amazing experience with my doctor!"