PHOTOS: David & Billie Meet Their Fans At Wizard World Philly - Part Thirteen

David Tennant and Billie Piper were guests at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia at the weekend. The event took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre where they took part in a fun interactive Q&A panel, signed autographs and posed for photos with fans.
Thanks to a number of fans on our Facebook fanpage for sending in their fabulous photos!

We've been posting their photos and stories over the past few days.
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Check out the thirteenth batch below:

Deirdre McLain 
Meeting David Tennant was a lifelong dream of mine. I never thought that I would ever get a chance to meet him. Let alone pose in a picture with him! He's the most wonderful person ever!

Mark Steven Blair Jr. 
We had a blast meeting the both of you! David- I hope you enjoy the submarine warfare pin I gave u. Billie thanks for calling me Sailor! Lol

Jessica Rogan 
Got to do a photo op with David and Billie twice. David told me he liked my Dalek get up haha. Then we went to the autograph signing, Billie looked at this photo and went "Whoa. Your make up looks great in this photo. Are you into make up?" And I said "No, I suck at make up!" And she said "No, you look absolutely stunning in this photo! You're a killer babe!"

Billie Piper called me a babe...highlight of my life.

Also, the second time around I changed my dress into a Harry Potter dress because I was also meeting the Weasley twins and Billie jokingly yelled at me for changing out of my Dalek dress hahaha (I was surprised she even remembered!)

Christopher Altenbach 
These two were absolutely fantastic at the panel! Nothing like prepping all weekend for what to say to them, and then rendered speechless! Two beautiful, kind-hearted souls.

Genna Kosta 
Met David Tennant with my fiancee. We're going to blow this picture up and hang it where guests sign in at the wedding. David wished us a happy life together and I'm still beaming with happiness! I gave him Doctor Who themed cookies at the picture! I'm so happy he saw them. I've never idolized someone as much as my mom until I first saw him I'm Doctor Who. He's amazing in everything he does! So happy!

Scot Ferre 
At the photo op, he recognized the ASL interpreter and then looked at us and said in a genuine way, "Hey you guys!" We took our places and the photo was taken. Then David looked at me directly, and signed "thank you". We replied in kind and left, and we will never forget that moment. Later, when we did the autograph, our request was that he sign a publicity photo with the Tenth Doctor and Donna, with a happy 15th anniversary message. He did so, with our names. As he did that, I explained to him that the sign I had done during the panel the day before was for "rubbish" in British Sign Language. He looked up and seemed to recognize me, then went back to finishing the autograph. I then continued, asking if I could teach him the sign for "brilliant". He looked up again, and I showed him the sign, which he then repeated well. He finished the autograph and looked at us again, and signed "thank you" again. We signed "thank you" once more, and that was the happy end of our trip on our 15th wedding anniversary! 

Alison Dougherty Berkowitz 
Wonderful to meet someone you admire and find out they are as lovely as you imagined. David was so gracious during the photo, said hello and spoke to everyone as he signed later. I told him, "You are my doctor, and you are my Hamlet" and he looked at me and said, "I can ask for nothing more". Now there's a memory. Then he shook my hand and thanked me. I wish him only the best. He's a gem!

Heather Leon Hughes 
This was so much fun! And I gave David a picture my 11 year-old had drawn for him...he recognized Doctor Whooves right away! Both he and Billie were so kind and I still can't believe I got to met them!! 

Rachel Halle 
Had an absolute blast this weekend! I am still freaking out have this be an actual thing. David and Billie were the best!

Lesley Goodman Holody 
David was just as friendly and lovely as you would hope. Genuinely excited to meet the fans, and so "up for it" for anything people wanted to do in pics and for autographs. Also he and my hubby geeked out a bit over their shared love for The West Wing, so that was cool.

Purr Kayla 
David & Billie were both so wonderful to me! They made you feel like they were honestly glad that you were there! It was truly the best moment of my life! 
Thank you David & Billie for caring so much about your fans!! Love you! 

Geoff Quinn 
Such an amazing Doctor, and such a sweet person. There is no question about it Clara... The Doctor IS a good man!

Wally Donovan 
We had a blast! My wife's first cosplay. Thanks David Tennant. Love, Wally and Dee!

Mary Rodgers 
We must have had one of the biggest groups, twice David called us "The Family!" This was our second shot, in the first I blinked (it looked terrible!) and the people taking the photos saw the print out and told us it was no problem getting another try - they were awesome! David was so sweet with my daughter Kaitlyn, he saw how excited she was to meet him when we were getting autographs and he said he saw her further back in the line and he couldn't wait to meet her! She's 8 years old and the biggest Whovian, this is all she has been talking about for the last few days - while jumping up and down and smiling! She wrote him a note and drew a picture, he said he was excited to get it and very thankful! He was great with my 2 year old son as well, Kyle loves to give high 5s so David asked for one and put his hand out - of course Kyle just acted shy lol. My son Matt was in our photo and also got his own and an autograph, he introduced us all to Doctor Who several years ago, so happy he was able to come with us! Best Mother's Day EVER!!