PHOTOS: David & Billie Meet Their Fans At Wizard World Philly - Part Twelve

David Tennant and Billie Piper were guests at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia at the weekend. The event took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre where they took part in a fun interactive Q&A panel, signed autographs and posed for photos with fans.
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Kayla Powell 
They were both so nice!! My mom is in a wheelchair and wanted to stand up so that the wheelchair wouldn't be in the photo as well. The lady at the booth was trying to get her to stand in a way that my mom couldn't do and David stepped in and asked what would be best for mom and then told the lady to stop so that mom would be safe!! Then while we were taking the photo he helped her stand and held her up!!  It was so amazing!!!

Elizabeth Scheirman 
My son and I got to go meet David and Billie this weekend - David actually thanked me for choosing to come see him when I thanked him for coming! They both took the time to chat a little with my son at their autograph tables - wonderful people!

Elizabeth Scheirman 
We also got to get another photo with just David on Sunday - he said my son's outfit was amazing and had him grinning for hours - best experience ever - best weekend ever!

Jenny Green 
The lady's camera stopped working right as David and I posed the first time so I kinda just got to hang out with he and his security guy for a bit. Always cool to see celebrities be human for a second. We posed again and he apologized for the wait, like the crazy sweet guy he is! Loved every second of my experience this weekend!

Rayna Labowitz
Met Billie and David on Saturday. Billie said she really liked my shirt, then David noticed and said he loved it, too! I bought it just for this event. They are both so sweet and gracious!

Rayna Labowitz
Then went to David's solo photo op on Sunday. When he was signing, I told him I had been there the day before, and he said, "Yes! I remember!" I wonder if he really did? He'd such a doll to say that, especially if he didn't! Couldn't love him more!

Ruchi Gupta
 David and Billie were hands down the most genuine and friendly people I've ever met with as large a fan following. I came in after three full lines of VIPs had gone through already (with three full lines still waiting) and they were so sweet and enthusiastic. Billie exclaimed over my costume, "That's amazing!" and David squeezed me close. At the autographs, David made a POINT to use people's names and make conversation. Lovely, lovely people and makes me so happy they were my Doctor and Companion of choice for so long.

Lauren Brown

Ashli Noelle Ford-Murphy 
I asked David if he would wear a party hat for our picture since I was cosplaying Pinkie Pie. He said, "SURE!!!" And put it on, held the banana (always bring a banana to a party), and the hat fell off in the picture! When I got it signed, he remembered me and was so sorry and said, "we can't have that, can we!? Shall I draw one in??" And it made me the happiest person ever! He was the nicest, most genuine celebrity I've ever met. My life is complete.

Matthew W. Rosas

Rachel Fry
David and Billie were so sweet. The original idea me and my boyfriend had was to be the doctor and his companions fight a dalek but we forgot the screwdriver at home. we are still very happy about this picture. David and Billie both told me they loved my cosplay and that I did a great job with it. I was practically floating afterwards

Crystal DiLuzio 
My daughter designed & created a tee shirt all about David- when he told her he loved it, then later when he signed the shirt & shook our hands she was in heaven- she couldn't have been happier- David is truly a real gentleman that shows his appreciation for his fans !!
Crystal DiLuzio's photo.