PHOTOS: David & Billie Meet Their Fans At Wizard World Philly - Part Eleven

David Tennant and Billie Piper were guests at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia at the weekend. The event took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre where they took part in a fun interactive Q&A panel, signed autographs and posed for photos with fans.
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Check out the eleventh batch below:

Valerie Colon 
"I would be a good in star wars"

Josh Doutt 
"We really enjoyed meeting you and it made for a really memorable honeymoon!"

Jen Stevens 
"David literally made my life."

Yasirys Gonzalez 
"Meeting David was the best present I've ever received. It made my 30th Birthday that much sweeter!!"

Debra McKay
"So awesome meetimg David! Should have hugged him even though it was against the rules!"

Sabira Mohamed
"I'm still in complete disbelief. David and Billie are phenomenal!! Another item at the top of my bucket list fulfilled. Love them!"

Andrew Felker 
"They were both so funny during the Q&A Panel, and very nice during the photo ops and the autographs!"

Nicole De Fino 
"I was so beside myself meeting David for the first time that I didn't ask for anything fun or cool, but I think my smile makes up for that. David is such a trooper for all he does for his fans! As I was leaving, he called out to me, "Thanks for coming, sweetheart!". This guy is golden!"

Jasmin Roman 
"He was so kind and gracious to everyone on both days - from the panel to the photo ops and the autographs, a truly wonderful experience!"

Jillian Paige Minore 
This was the best experience of my life. Being with the person I love and meeting my favorite doctor and companion. David saw how nervous and excited I was and was so kind and sweet and just wrapped his arm around me and told me I was wonderful. I am going to cherish this picture and experience forever!

Mandy Ireson 
"Some guy with a video camera wandered in right as the pic was being taken (hence Billie looking away). It caused a bit of confusion but that was fine by me because I got to hold on to them a few seconds longer. They were both super awesome at the autographs too and David's coat was so soft!! Best. Day. Ever."

Megan Mueller
 "I told David that I get to teach a Doctor Who class this summer at a College for Kids program. He thought that was fantastic."

Jeffrey Neary
"Gail, Sydney and Jeffrey had a great time meeting Billie and David. It was a great being able to tell them both how much we loved their work."