PHOTOS: David & Billie Meet Their Fans At Wizard World Philly - Part Fourteen

David Tennant and Billie Piper were guests at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia at the weekend. The event took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre where they took part in a fun interactive Q&A panel, signed autographs and posed for photos with fans.
Thanks to a number of fans on our Facebook fanpage for sending in their fabulous photos!

We've been posting their photos and stories over the past few days.
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Check out the Final batch below:

Christine Melody Browning Swauger 
I would love to share my photo but for some reason I can't. It was a great experience and it was such a pleasure to meet David and Billie both. Being in a wheelchair, I can stand and I wanted to in the photo with David and Billie. David took my hand and with my Husband's help lifted me up and held on to me so my Husband could get in our photo also on Billie's side. I never thought I would ever get the chance to meet either one but especially David so I actually broke down in tears when we got our actual photo in hand. That has never happened to me before so I was very suprised. Thank you to David and Billie for coming to the states.

Kristen Earnest 
Such amazing people!! They were both so kind! Billie even apologized for the photographer lady being "shouty".

Liz Grass 
They were both so amazing; I was shaking so badly I was frozen in place and David and Billie were so kind. He even wore the TARDIS hat when I asked him to!

Maggie Jo Ellen Angle 
David is one of those guys you just want to sit down with a soda and just chat about whatever. He's so sweet! Said my name was funky (still radically amused by this) and said my Cosplay was lovely. Best birthday present EVER!!

 Brenna Beshock

Brendan Beshock

Eric Murray 
Thank you David and Billie for a great time !!!!!!! And Billie I'll work on that timing.......

Haley Owens

Castiel Winchester 
I told him he was amazing and thanked him and he said "You look great." I cried for 20 minutes afterwards. At the signing I told him he was my favorite doctor and said thanks and wished me a happy mother's day. I loved him

Catherine Pannulla 
You probably can't tell in the picture but I was so so so incredibly happy! What an amazingly gracious man! Thank you for being my doctor Mr. Tennant. You've gotten me through some really tough times in my life as the doctor! You are truly amazing in all you do! It sucks to be rushed by a grouchy volunteer when you're already so nervous trying to find words knowing you probably won't be able to afford to have this amazing chance again but it was still worth every second. Thank you for complimenting my work and accepting my cheesy gifts!! There is nothing like your favorite person ever telling you that your face is amazing! Lol #DavidTennant will always be #MyDoctor !!

Larry Berchou Jr. 
I walked in and he said "lookin' sharp" 
Wish I hadn't been too star struck to say anything back.

Drea Torgerson 
A dream come true!!!

Heather Masch 
Meeting David was a dream of a lifetime. I was so thrilled I got to go. My first picture I had my eyes closed so he was kind enough to offer a retake. He loved my Service Dog and later at the autograph session asked how we were holding up. 

I was the only person cosplaying as Harley to meet David so I stuck out like a sore thumb. Lol

Linda Parets Moskowitz 
They were adorable... and patient.

Rose Jenkins t
hey were so nice....
asked how I was...
I said,"Happy now"...
got to tell DT that he was my favorite actor bar none at autograph table 

Stacy Schmidt 
David was so nice and took the time to wish us a happy anniversary and to tell us "well done".

Kitsie Duncan 
I had asked Billie is we could both do the "Billie" pose on David, everyone was happy to play along 

Natashia Booth 
Christopher says, "betcha he makes a tall joke. We go in, have our picture done and as We're walking out David looks at my husband and says, "You're brilliantly tall." Apparently, now I owe my husband $10????

Sherri Kimbrough 
BEST DAY EVER! James Sewell and I were so happy when got in line to take a picture with you. Thank you for being my favorite Doctor and for coming to Philadelphia and for spending so many hours with us dedicated Whovians.