PHOTOS: David & Billie Meet Their Fans At Wizard World Philly - Part One

David Tennant and Billie Piper were guests at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia at the weekend. The event took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre where they took part in a fun interactive Q&A panel, signed autographs and posed for photos with fans.
Thanks to a number of fans on our Facebook fanpage for sending in their fabulous photos!
We'll be posting as many as we can throughout today!

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Check out the first batch below:
Alicia Hryb-Macri and family

Nicola Yates - "David Tennant is the friendliest actor ever!"

Stephanie M. McMonigle

Stanley A Rynkiewicz

April Marie

Angel Hand - "By far the kindest, sweetest, and most lovely actor we've ever had the pleasure of meeting."

Cathie Berrey-Greene - "Cathie Berrey-Green Thanks for doing a gansta pose with us. #bgstyle #bgproductions"

Monica Clason

Michelle Wilson

Amanda Jeffreys

Jenny Nino Anewalt
 "They were a complete dream come true!!! LOVED getting to meet them, I told David I was going to crop out Billie & my husband and he died laughing! Best day ever!!!"

Danielle Woolsey
"Fun time having my friend get billie to wear his hat! She was so kind"

Jovan Weeks
"This was the most exciting day! They were both so wonderful and oh Mr. Tennant... That smile!"

Melissa Fary
"It was so awesome to meet them! They were so nice!! The Doctor and Rose Tyler! Ahh!!"

Denise Eadie Larkin

Deanna Lewis