Pets: Wild At Heart Begins Repeat Run On BBC One Today

The two-part animal documentary Pets: Wild At Heart begins a repeat run over the Bank Holiday weekend on BBC One starting today. David Tennant narrates the programme from John Downer Productions, the makers of Earthflight and Penguins: Spy In The Huddle, which uses innovative techniques to reveal the incredible secrets of pets' behaviour in ways never seen before.

Pets: Wild At Heart
Part 1 - Playful Creatures
2.15pm BBC One Scotland, 3.15pm BBC One
As astonishing photography explores the wild side of our playful pets, find out why hamsters love to run in a wheel, how dogs pick up the rules of the pack and how kittens learn to be solitary hunters. Featuring incredible views of plunge-diving dogs, babysitting cats, acrobatic hamsters and a playful cat outwitted by his prey - you'll never look at your favourite companions in quite the same way again. The latest science also reveals why budgies talk, how a cat scales a vertical wall with the help of a special claw, why hamsters stuff their faces with more food than they can eat and the real meaning behind a rabbit's hop.
Our pets are also given a chance to explore their wild side as we join the free-roaming pet dogs of Cusco Peru, pet rabbits living in a natural warren and the wild-living inhabitants of Cat Island, Japan. A range of innovative techniques such as moving X-rays, thermal imagery, minicam-carrying dogs and revelatory slow-motion photography shows why our pets play and how their true wild nature is just a whisker away.

Episode 2 airs on Monday 4th May at 4.40pm