KOREA: Happy Holiday (What We Did On Our Holiday) Released In Cinemas Today

The hilarious black comedy from the UK, Happy Holiday, is released in cinemas in Korea today. The BBC Films feature, originally released as What We Did On Our Holidays was written and directed by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, the creators of the BBC sitcom Outnumbered. The movie stars David Tennant, Rosamund Pike, Billy Connolly and Ben Miller and follows a family in crisis on a trip to Scotland for an important celebration.

The Story
철부지 소심한 아빠 ‘더그(데이비드 테넌트)’ 다혈질 욕쟁이 엄마 ‘아비(로자먼드 파이크)’ 천방지축 삼남매와 함께할아버지의 생일 파티에 참석하기 위해 스코틀랜드로 떠난다. ‘더그 ‘아비와의 별거 사실을 가족들에게 숨기기 위해삼남매의 입단속을 철저히 하지만 엉뚱발랄 삼남매의 입을 막기란 쉬운 일이 아니다언제  비밀이 폭로될지 모르는조마조마한 상황 속에서 가족들은 할아버지의 생일 파티 준비에 여념이 없고 사이 할아버지와 함께 해변으로 놀러나간 삼남매에게 상상도 못한 사건이 닥친다과연 ... 막장가족은 일생일대의 위기를  극복하고 가장 완벽(?!) 휴가를 보낼  있을까?

Put-upon, childish dad Doug (David Tennant) and hot-tempered, swearing mum Abi (Rosamund Pike) and their trouble-making children travel to Scotland to attend Doug’s dad’s birthday party. To keep Doug and Abi’s separation a secret, they try to get their children to hold their tongues, but it’s not easy to stop these mischievous kids. In this situation when the secret could come out at any time, the extended family is occupied in preparing granddad Gordie’s birthday party. Meanwhile, Gordie and the three children go out to the beach and something nobody expected happens...Will this unpredictable, fragile family deal with the crisis their lives and have the perfect holidays?

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