GERMANY: Broadchurch Season 1 Concludes On ZDF Tonight

The fourth and final episode of the original series of the award winning UK drama Broadchurch airs on ZDF in Germany tonight from 22.00. David Tennant and Olivia Colman star as Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller, the two detectives who are searching for the killer of a young boy in a small coastal town. However, with time running out and the culprit still eluding them the pair are running out of suspects.

Tonight's double episode includes episodes 7 and 8 as originally broadcast.

Watch the episode trailer here.

ZDF, 22.00

Folge 4/4
Susan Wright will in der Mordnacht Nige gesehen haben. Er habe Dannys Leiche mit einem Boot an Land gebracht. Susan behauptet, Nige sei ein Mörder wie sein Vater, der seine Tochter missbraucht und ermordet hatte.
Endlich Alec und Ellie stoßen auf die richtige Spur, als sie Ellies Sohn und Dannys besten Freund Tom befragen, warum er seinen Computer zerstört. Tom war tief verletzt, weil Danny glaubte, einen viel besseren Freund gefunden zu haben. War dieser neue Freund seinen Mörder?

Episode 4/4
Susan Wright claims to have seen Nige on the night of the murder. He brought Danny's corpse ashore by boat. Susan maintains Nige was a murderer like his father, who had abused and murdered his daughter.
Finally Alec and Ellie find a lead when they ask Ellie's son and Danny's best friend Tom, why he destroyed his computer. Tom was deeply hurt because Danny thought he had found a much better friend. Was this new friend his killer?

Season 1 will be released on DVD on Thursday 21st May. Pre-order your copy here.