David Tennant & Billie Piper On Their Dream Doctor Who Co-Stars

Doctor Who stars David Tennant and Billie Piper took part in a dual Q&A panel at Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia yesterday. During the event which was hosted by Aaron Sagers, they were asked which other actor who has played the Doctor, living or dead, would they have liked to co-star with.

"I've been lucky, I've got to work with a few," said David. "I got to work with Matt, which was lovely, I got to work with Peter Davison, who's a terrible man...!"

Billie volunteered that she had a soft spot for one former Doctor in particular: "Paul McGann. I was a really big fan of his and I've met him a few times at conventions and he's just so dreamy. I actually never saw him as the Doctor so I don't know how that works out."

"He only did it for about half an hour," David joked. "He was great, He was fantastic."

He then put forward his own choice.

"I would say Patrick Troughton because I'm such a big fan of his and unfortunately I'll never get the chance. If we're playing fantasy Doctors then I'll go with that."

David and Billie's convention appearance yesterday was their first joint event since the Midnight convention in 2012 and their first ever together in the USA. The panel was streamed worldwide via CONtv yesterday after a planned live broadcast to US fans was hit by technical difficulties. During the 45 minute event, David and Billie answered a number of questions from fans.

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David remains at Comic Con Philadelphia for the final day today where he will be signing autographs and posing for fan photos.