CANADA: W1A Season 2 Comes To BBC Canada This Week

The second season of the award winning UK comedy series W1A begins on BBC Canada on Friday 15th May at 9.30pm ET. Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes star in the spoof documentary series which is narrated by David Tennant. W1A is created by the makers of Twenty Twelve and follows some of the characters from the series into their new roles within the BBC. 

W1A - Season 2 - Episode 1
BBC Canada
Friday 15th May, 9.30pm ET
One year on and Head of Values Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville) has finally got his own office. He and the team have a new set of challenges to rise to, including the impending Royal visit of HRH The Prince of Wales. The question is, which of the management team will get to shake the royal hand?

Head of BBC Brand Siobhan Sharpe (Jessica Hynes) and her team at Perfect Curve have been tasked with giving a makeover to the BBC coverage of Wimbledon following rumours of a bid from a rival broadcaster. Her response is a brand mashup to end all brand mashups.

Meanwhile, over on the creative frontline, Entertainment Format Producer David Wilkes (Rufus Jones) is trying to come up with the next big Factual Entertainment series after Britain’s Tastiest Village failed to fly. He’s got the title - Up Town, Down Town - he just hasn’t got a show, or a cast.

Finally, intern Will Humphries' (Hugh Skinner) security pass won’t let him into the building: is it a technical problem or something more significant?