USA RELEASE: Wings 3D Narrated By David Tennant Available On Blu-Ray Today

The nature spectacular Wings 3D, narrated by David Tennant, which was screened in selected cinemas in America last year, is now available to buy on Blu-ray in the USA. The film by award-winning wildlife documentary makers John Downer Productions is the cinematic version of their own TV series Earthflight, also narrated by David.

Wings 3D
Soar with the birds in this groundbreaking aerial adventure narrated by David Tennant . 
This feature-length experience, including some of the most thrilling footage from Earthflight and more, brings the audience a new view of the lives and travels of migrating birds across the globe. Presented in RealD™ 3D, Wings 3D uses revolutionary aerial devices and techniques to fly right alongside birds. Snow geese dash through Monument Valley and New York City, vultures soar miles above the earth then dive down to huge wildebeest herds below, scarlet macaws race at breakneck speed through the rainforest – all shot from the birds’ perspective.