USA: Doctor Who Comic Book Signings At Barnes & Noble Next Week

Titan Comics will be having a special Doctor Who signing event next week at Barnes & Noble, Union Square in New York.

Writer Nick Abadzis will be signing copies of the graphic novel collection Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Vol. 1 Revolutions of Terror. Also present will be artist Simon Fraser who will be signing copies of Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Vol. 1 After Life.

The event takes place at Tuesday 28th April at 6.00pm.
Store Address:
Barnes & Noble, ​
Union Square, ​
33 East 17th Street,
​​New York,
​NY 10003

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Vol. 1 - Revolutions Of Terror
The Tenth Doctor thought he was done with new companions after Donna’s tragic exit – but that was before he met Gabriella ‘Gabby’ Gonzalez during an incursion of psychic parasites in Brooklyn, New York!
Stuck running her father’s Laundromat, Gabby always dreamed of horizons beyond Sunset Park – whether that was going to college, making it as an artist, or just escaping her life for a while. Now she’s traveling the cosmos as the Doctor’s latest companion – and life couldn’t be more exciting! 
Battling invisible creatures on the Day of the Dead, uncovering a galactic conspiracy in the universe’s most famous art gallery... the only downside is the constant threat of death!
Collects Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1-5

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Vol. 1 - After Life
Alice Obiefune was at her lowest ebb when the Eleventh Doctor burst into her life – she’d lost her mother, her job and her apartment. But it didn’t take much of the Doctor’s compassion to get her on board the TARDIS, rediscovering the beauty in life, one time-lost adventure at a time!
From tackling an alien pet in the streets of London, to exposing a devilish mystery in the 1930s Bayou; from discovering the truth behind an austerity-hit pleasure planet to facing a shapeshifting horror in a scientific research station – every day with the Doctor brings a new, impossible, life-threatening experience!
But there’s a storm gathering, just out of view... One that threatens to offer both the Doctor and Alice their deepest, fondest wishes... Just hope they don’t accept!
Collects Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1-5