UK: Gracepoint Episode 3 Synopsis & Photos - Series Continues On April 15th

The American crime drama series Gracepoint continues with episode 3 at 10pm on Wednesday 15th April on ITV Encore in the UK. The remake of the ITV original series Broadchurch follows two detectives investigating the murder of a boy in a small, tightly-knit coastal town. David Tennant stars as Emmett Carver, the US equivalent of his Broadchurch detective Alec Hardy. Gracepoint takes the storyline of the original and expands upon it, adding new twists and characters and a new ending

Gracepoint – Episode 3

As Mark Solano is questioned by the police, Carver and Ellie want to know about the traces of blood found in his boat and how his fingerprints were found at the summer house near the crime scene. Mark claims the blood was Danny's but he cut his foot on a lure while out on a fishing trip. Raymond approaches Beth claiming to have received a message from beyond the grave, and tells her that Danny was killed by someone close to the family, in a boat. Tom Miller is questioned by Carver and reveals that Mark once lashed out and struck Danny. More about Carver's illness is revealed, and Beth considers Paul's proposal for a memorial service. Chloe texts Gemma for help, and Gemma tells the police that Mark was with her the night Danny died. With David Tennant as Emmett Carver, Anna Gunn as Ellie Miller, Virginia Kull as Beth Solano, Kevin Rankin as Paul Coates, and Michael Peña as Mark Solano.

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