ITALY: Broadchurch Season 2 Begins With Double Episode Tonight

The second season of Broadchurch begins in Italy tonight with a double episode starting from 21.05 on Giallo. The opening episodes will also screen simultaneously on Real Time and DMAX.

David Tennant and Olivia Colman return as Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller, the detectives who uncovered the killer of eleven-year old Danny Latimer. A few months after the events that shattered the little town of Broadchurch, the community is awaiting Joe Miller’s trial and hoping to put the tragedy behind them. Meanwhile Hardy is haunted by a case from his past.

Broadchurch - 2' Stagione

Episodio 1
Giallo, Real Time, DMAX - 21.05
Proseguono le indagini dell'Ispettore Hardy sul caso Latimer e su nuovi segreti che emergono a Broadchurch. L'udienza preliminare ha finalmente inizio e Joe compie una mossa che soprende tutti.

Episodio 2
Giallo, Real Time, DMAX - 21.55
Alec e Ellie cercano di convincere Claire a incontrare suo marito Lee, ma non c'e' niente da fare. Intanto il processo vero e proprio a Joe ha inizio.

Broadchurch – Season 2

Episode 1
Giallo, 21:05
Inspector Hardy continues his investigations on the Latimer case and new secrets that emerge in Broadchurch. The preliminary hearing has finally begun and Joe makes a move that surprises everyone.

Episode 2
Giallo, 21:55

Alec and Ellie try to convince Claire to meet her husband Lee, but she says that there is no way. Meanwhile, the trial of Joe begins.

The series continues with episodes 3 and 4 next Monday at 21.05 only on Giallo.