BBC Worldwide Launches Tenth Anniversary Doctor Who Bundle On BitTorrent

BBC Worldwide has announced a new official collaboration with content distribution service BitTorrent to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the relaunch of Doctor Who.

BitTorrent will offer a ten story digital box set featuring specially selected episodes from the last ten years of Doctor Who. The collection includes the David Tennant / Tenth Doctor episodes The Girl In The Fireplace, Blink and The End Of Time Parts 1&2 as well as the 50th Anniversary special The Day Of The Doctor. Also included are exclusive videos of the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, who gives his insight into some of his favourite Doctor Who episodes, the documentary Earth Conquest featuring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

Customers also have access to two free files straightaway without purchase: the introductory A Decade Of Doctor Who and a preview of Rose.

The whole premium package will be available globally for just £8.10 / US$12.00.

Julia Kenyon, Director of Drama Brands, BBC Worldwide comments: "Ten years ago, the Doctor’s journey began anew with Russell T Davies and “Rose”. The Time Lord continues to evolve and refresh and this innovative deal with BitTorrent allows us to directly reach a huge number of consumers and engage with fans on a global and fast-growing digital platform. Music content has seen tremendous success through BitTorrent Bundles and this deal is the first of its kind for British TV content."

Matt Mason, Chief Content Officer at BitTorrent adds: "For over fifty years, Doctor Who has challenged the way we see time, space, and TV — the way we tell stories. A series like this should be part of a versatile platform; one capable of reaching and engaging fans around the world. BitTorrent Bundle is that platform. It’s fantastic that BBC Worldwide is the media organization forward-thinking enough to make a release like this possible. This is an exciting way for fans to celebrate ten years of New Who and we are honoured to welcome the Doctor to BitTorrent."

Stream or download the bundle on BitTorrent Bundle here.  

Series 1: Rose
Series 1: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
Series 2: The Girl in the Fireplace
Series 3: Blink
Series 4: Special - The End of Time (Parts 1 & 2)
Series 5: The Vampires of Venice
Series 6: The Doctor’s Wife
Series 7: The Rings of Akhaten
50th Anniversary special: The Day of the Doctor
Series 8: Listen