KOREA: Postman Pat - The Movie Now Released On DVD

The animated feature film Postman Pat - The Movie, released in the UK last year, is now out on DVD in Korea. The release features a Korean dubbed version and also the original English language voice track with performances by Stephen Mangan as Pat, Rupert Grint as young singing star Josh and David Tennant as the villainous Wilf. 

Postman Pat is a much-loved children's TV character which first appeared on the BBC in 1981. The animated series follows the adventures of a Postman who delivers letters to the sleepy village of Greendale in the company of his black and white cat, Jess. Since its launch the show has been broadcast all around the world. 

Postman Pat - The Movie
The film finds Pat, everyone’s favourite postman, coming face-to-face with the temptations of money, status and a shiny new suit when he enters a national TV talent show competition that threatens to tear him away from his hometown of Greendale and his family and friends.
What happens when kindness meets selfishness?   When local fame meets Global notoriety?   Will a nice cup of tea be kicked aside by a Frappacapacino?
Pat is set to find out as he falls for the age-old temptation of the grass being greener…

The page also has a paragraph about David Tennant:

보이스 캐스트 데이비드 테넌트
영국 BBC 방송 히트 시리즈인 [닥터 후]에서 나이를 먹지 않는 시간여행자 닥터 역으로 내셔널 텔리비전 어워드 남우주연상과 인기상, BAFTA 남우주연상을 수상하며 연기력을 입증 받았다.
이번 <행복배달부 팻아저씨>에서는 팻 아저씨를 방해하는 조쉬의 매니저 윌크 역을 맡아 완벽한 캐릭터 이해력과 철저한 준비성으로 완벽한 목소리 연기를 선보일 예정이다.
TV [브로드처치](2013), <프라이트 나이트>(2011), <해리 포터와 불의 잔>(2005),  [닥터 후](2005~2008)

Voice Cast
David Tennant is best recognised for his role as the ageless time traveller The Doctor in the BBC’s hit series Doctor Who for which he was awarded Best Actor Awards by the NTAs and BAFTA.
Now he lets us hear his superb voice acting in Postman Pat – The Movie with his thorough understanding of the character and preparation for the role as Wilf, Josh’s agent, who aims to sabotage Pat.
Major work: Broadchurch (2013), Fright Night (2011), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), Doctor Who (2005 ~ 2008)

With thanks to @DM_twt on Twitter for the information and translation.