INTERVIEW: David Tennant On The Success Of Broadchurch

"We didn't know it wasn't us, actually. It could have been. At which point you go, oh, it might have been quite nice to know."

David Tennant reflects on the making of the award winning UK series Broadchurch in extra interview clips included on the Series 2 DVD and Blu-Ray release. The show's producers were so secretive about the scripts that nobody had a clue who the killer was until the end of the shoot, so potentially any of them could have been in the frame. However, it was the guessing game that gripped the public and made the show the success that it was. 

"As we were making it the amount of conversations off set between us all about where the plot was going and what was happening next, and who it might be and why it might be," he says. "I suppose that if we’d imagined that that might be mirrored nationally then we might of had a sense of where it could have gone. Because it certainly did grip us as it unfolded script by script."

David admits that he was no good at guessing the killer himself, but that did have some benefits. 
"I did think everyone was guilty, I have to say. I'm quite easily led," he admits. "But that was quite useful in terms of playing a detective as well, you genuinely were interviewing suspects to get it out of them without knowing what the truth was. All you can do is what you hope is good work and something you’re proud of and then you can send it out into the world."

Broadchurch Series 2 is released on Region 2 DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK on Monday 16th March. It will also be available as a Series 1 and 2 box set.

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