INTERVIEW: David Tennant & Olivia Colman On The New Lives Of Hardy & Miller

The UK DVD and Blu-Ray release of Broadchurch Series 2 comes packed with exciting extras, including interviews with the series stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman.

In one such interview, David and Olivia explain what their characters Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller are up to when we rejoin their lives a few months after the close of events in series 1.

Please be aware that the text below contains spoilers for anyone who has not yet watched episode one of series 2.

David Tennant explains where we find Alec Hardy, last seen being forced out of his job on medical grounds. "I'm still very ill and getting iller, not working as a detective any more," he says. "Still just about hanging on to a job with the police force by the skin of my teeth, but not in a good way professionally or personally. And neither’s Ellie really. They're no longer even in the same town, leading very different lives. They’re sort of hollowed out by the events of series one."

"Sort of half beings," Olivia Colman agrees. "And only have each other, actually. So they aggravate each other but they only have each other to talk to. Because Ellie's a pariah at the moment."

She goes on to talk about Ellie's circumstances, "So the man she loved, clearly not at all what she thought he was. Her son, every mother loves her child but he doesn't love her any more. It's awful. The home they lived in that they were slowly doing up, she can't be in any more. Everything has fallen apart. And her best friend hates her."

However, in contrast to the bleak lives that their characters are living, life on set for David, Olivia and the cast is quite the opposite.

"We have a lovely time," Oliva says. "Every morning before I have to come in to work, I go 'Hooray!' I love this job. And I do get slightly disappointed if [David's] not on the schedule for that day. We play Heads Up when we're not filming! All sorts of games!"

"We certainly get on and have a nice time. It doesn't feel quite right if we're doing stuff on our own. It is a nice bunch of people, so sitting around between scenes, you do really look forward to it," David adds.

Broadchurch Series 2 will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK on Monday 16th March. It will also be available as a box set together with Series 1.

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