INTERVIEW: David Tennant And Olivia Colman On The Community & Scenery Of Broadchurch

In a behind-the-scenes chat about the making of the award winning ITV series Broadchurch, David Tennant and Olivia Colman discuss the importance of the location in which the drama is set.

"The story has always been as much about the community and the fracturing of the community as it’s been about solving any crime," explains David as the pair film scenes on the beach at West Bay near Bridport, which stands in for the fictional coastal town of Broadchurch.

"You want to know what that world is that these people live in and to get a real sense of what that community is and why people live here and the sort of people that live in this kind of situation," he adds.

Fans of the show agree that the glorious Dorset landscapes and coastline are as much characters of the show as the star-packed cast. The ever-present sea and golden beaches, in particular, have formed the backdrop to many a key scene during both series.

"Incredibly beautiful and it looks great on film. There's something about the beauty of it juxtaposed with the upset and the horror of what happens," says Olivia. "It’s an incredibly humbling thing, it’s incredibly powerful, you feel insignificant. I suppose a lot of our thinking and talking and working out brings you back to who you are, walking across this."

David's experience, however, was sometimes less profound. "It usually involves me sitting near the waterline and inevitably getting soaked a couple of times, that’s usually what happens in those scenes. And having to change my undercrackers," he laughed. "Hopefully that’s not something you’re going to think about when you see the final product."

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