FRANCE: The Politician's Husband To Be Shown On ARTE

ARTE France has acquired the BBC political drama The Politician's Husband for broadcast later this year. The series, which originally aired in the UK in 2013, stars David Tennant and Emily Watson as married government ministers who have to deal with a sudden shift of power in their professional lives. The resultant jealousy, plotting and betrayal threatens to tear their comfortable family life apart. The series will air in France under the title Le Mari de la Ministre. The series will be broadcast in September, the exact start date is yet to be announced.

Le Mari de la Ministre
Aiden Hoynes (David Tennant), jeune ministre promis à un bel avenir, tente d’accélérer sa carrière en démissionnant de son poste, afin de prendre les rênes de son parti. Contre toute attente, sa prise de pouvoir échoue. Ce retrait laisse le champ libre à sa femme Freya (Emily Watson) qui se voit offrir un ministère. En quelques jours, les rôles sont inversés, l’équilibre antérieur est rompu et chacun doit s’adapter à son nouveau rôle.

Avec Ed Stoppard, Jack Shepherd et Roger Allam.

Auteure: Paula Milne, réalisé par Simon Cellan Jones
3 épisodes x 60m

Pour diffusion en 2015

The Politician’s Husband
Aiden Hoynes (David Tennant), a young minister with a bright future, tries to boost his career by resigning from his post to take the reins of his party. Against all odds, his grasp for power fails. His withdrawal leaves the field open to his wife Freya (Emily Watson) who is offered a ministerial position. Within days, the roles are reversed, their previous stability has broken down and each of them must adapt to their new role.

Also starring Ed Stoppard, Jack Shepherd and Roger Allam.

Written by Paula Milne, directed by Simon Cellan Jones
3 episodes x 60m

For broadcast in 2015