David Tennant At Comic Con - On Becoming Part Of The Marvel Comics Universe

David Tennant completed his first day at the inaugral Wizard World Comic Con in Raleigh, NC yesterday, and as part of the day he took part in the first of his two Q&A sessions, In conversation with host Aaron Sagers, David explained how it felt to be part of the Marvel Comics Universe following his casting as The Purple Man in Marvel's A.K.A Jessica Jones. David, a lifelong comic books fan, could not hold back his enthusiasm.

"It's the Marvel Universe! It's insane! It's something I grew up with. It's like my eight-year old self doesn't know what to do with himself! I grew up reading the Hulk," he said. "I think comic books are a glorious, wonderful art form and I think Marvel is one of the things we'll be looking back on in a hundred years time and they'll be one of the cornerstones of our cultural existence. So to be part of all that - and you should read these scripts, they're really good - it's just so very exciting."

David also explained about how he came to be invited for a look around the Marvel offices in New York.

"The other day I met Joe Quesada who's the Marvel guy," he said. "He's like the head, and he said, 'Yeah, come down the offices any time you like.' I said 'Ah, yeah, OK..', playing it cool. It's just like a dream come true getting to be part of that world. And the other day I went to the Marvel offices. I got shown round! And clever people gave me comic books and told me how they got made and I met people that spend their day doing that stuff. It was so exciting!"

It all feels a long way away to him from his experiences of reading the comics as a child.

"The whole thing's just an extraordinary trip. It's just fantastic. In Paisley [as a child] it all seemed very remote and impossible really," he explained. "Marvel are making the sort of movies that as an eight year old I thought, why has nobody made those movies? I guess that technology has caught up which allows these things in part to be realised so beautifully. But as ever it comes down to the stories and it comes down to the heart and that's what makes these stories sing."

David's second day at Wizard World Comic Con Raleigh begins shortly with his second Q&A pannel beginning at 11am ET.

Marvel's A.K.A Jessica Jones is currently in production in New York. The thirteen part Netflix exclusive series also stars Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter and Carrie-Anne Moss and will be released later this year. 


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