COMIC BOOK RELEASE: Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor Issue #8 Released Today

Today sees the release of Issue #8 of Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor, the officially licensed comic book series from Titan Comics. The comics continue the adventures of the Tenth Doctor in the period following the return of Donna Noble to his family, pairing him with a new companion in the shape of feisty New Yorker Gabby Gonzalez.

The latest adventure finds the Doctor and Gabby trapped in the trenches of World War I and facing a familiar and very dangerous foe.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor
The Weeping Angels Of Mons Part 3
Mysterious moving statues are haunting the battlefields of WWI. The soldiers believed these angels were saving them from the horrors of war, but the Doctor knows that these winged monstrosities are up to far worse. Having recovered his Sonic Screwdriver and won the trust of Captain Fairbairn and his troops, the Doctor must now lead the survivors to safety. But trapped in a desolate wasteland, surrounded by artillery bombardments and minefields, the Time Lord is beginning to question his choices. With the TARDIS still missing and the Weeping Angels closing in, will the Doctor and Gabby ever escape the trenches?


As if being trapped on the desolate battlefields of the Somme wasn’t dangerous enough, the Doctor, Gabby and a band of terrified soldiers have found themselves surrounded by a desperate crowd of starving Weeping Angels. Gabby realises, almost too late that a staring contest against one of the quantum-locked foe has much higher stakes than the ones she’s used to at home against her kid brother. It takes a handsome hero to rescue her – and for once it’s not the Doctor. The attraction between Gabby and Scottish soldier Jamie Colquhoun is growing but there’s no time from romance in the trenches. Jamie gets a blast from the past when there’s a surprise reappearance from a lost friend just when the ragtag group of survivors need it most. Meanwhile the Doctor is raging as he realises that the threat from the Angels is even worse than he had anticipated  and he has placed the talented and intelligent would-be artist Gabby in mortal danger. He resolves to get everyone to safety and to take her home. The trouble is he needs the TARDIS for that and she’s nowhere to be seen.
Guess what the Angels have...again.

Robbie Morrison’s writing captures the mercurial nature of the Doctor, one minute desperate and angry that he has put so many people in danger, the next gabbling and innovative as he works out a solution to save them. The character of Jamie is building nicely too – is this another passenger for the TARDIS, or will the developing love story between him and Gabby get in the way too much? It’s a shame that she is relegated to the status of damsel in distress in this issue; hopefully she will have an opportunity to show the bravery and ingenuity that drew the Doctor to her before the conclusion of this particular adventure. Daniel Indro’s artwork renders the stage on which the story is set in muddy greys and browns, and the close ups of the Angels have a horrible intensity that only adds to the claustrophobic atmosphere. The story arc is building to an undoubtedly ferocious confrontation but there’s an undertone of tragedy, foreshadowing that not all of the key characters will get out of there alive.

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