USA: One Month To Go Until Broadchurch Returns To BBC America

The Peabody Award-winning UK drama Broadchurch returns to BBC America on Wednesday, March 4 at 10:00pm ET for a brand new second season. This time Academy Award nominee Marianne Jean-Baptiste and legendary actress Charlotte Rampling star alongside three-time BAFTA-winner Olivia Colman and Emmy-winner David Tennant.

Please be aware that the following synopsis contains potential spoilers for the first episode.

Season one of Broadchurch gripped viewers across the world as the shocking murder of 11-year-old Daniel Latimer rocked a quiet seaside town and everyone in the tight-knit community suddenly became a suspect. After a tumultuous investigation, the killer was finally named as Joe Miller, husband of detective Ellie (Olivia Colman). Now, Broadchurch is still reeling and the case of young Danny is far from over.

The second season of Broadchurch, a BBC AMERICA co-production, follows two seemingly unconnected events: the trial of Joe Miller (Matthew Gravelle) and the Sandbrook case – Detective Inspector Alec Hardy’s(David Tennant) previously failed investigation, which has dogged his existence ever since.

The new season begins on the day of Joe Miller’s hearing. All of Broadchurch awaits his sentencing— eager to gain some sense of closure from the nightmare of Danny’s murder. But to everyone’s disbelief (including his barrister’s) Joe enters an astonishing plea – ‘not guilty.’ Joe fixedly avers that nobody is innocent and promises to expose more secrets of the town’s residents. He goes on to enlist a fearsome defense team led by Queen’s Counsel (QC) Sharon Bishop (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) and junior barrister Abby Thompson (Phoebe Waller-Bridge). Now bracing themselves for a full trial, Danny’s parents, Beth (Jodie Whittaker) and Mark desperately seek legal representation from esteemed local QC barrister Jocelyn Knight (Charlotte Rampling). At first she refuses to take on their case, but will she have a change of heart when she learns that former pupil Sharon Bishop is representing the defense?

Hardy, no longer on active duty as detective, remains in Broadchurch – but why? With his health condition worsening, he desperately needs Ellie’s help to make things right with a previously failed investigation. As Hardy’s past comes back to haunt him, the two detectives (Hardy and Ellie) are forced back together. Following Joe’s arrest, Ellie is left broken and alone. She’s left Broadchurch to serve as a traffic officer in Devon and her son (Tom) refuses to live with her. There won’t be a light at the end of the tunnel for Ellie until Joe is brought to justice – only then can she even begin to find a sense of normalcy again. For now, she finds solace and some fleeting sense of purpose in helping Hardy. One thing is for certain, as the hearing of Joe Miller unfolds and Hardy’s past bubbles to the surface – nothing will stay hidden in  Broadchurch.

Broadchurch is written and created by Chris Chibnall (Law & Order: UK, Life on Mars) and executive produced by Jane Featherstone (The Hour, Spooks) on behalf of Kudos, a Shine Group company, and Chris Chibnall for Imaginary Friends.  The Producer is Richard Stokes (Silk, Law & Order: UK) who also produced the first season. James Strong (Downton Abbey, Doctor Who) who directed five episodes of the first season, directed episodes one and two of the new season.   

Watch Broadchurch Season 2 on BBC America from Wednesday 4th March at 10pm ET