Tenth Doctor Series 4 1:6 Scale Figure On Pre-Order From Big Chief Tomorrow

The much anticipated brand new Tenth Doctor 1:6 scale figure from BIG Chief Studios will go on pre-order tomorrow (Friday 27th February) from 6pm GMT. The fully licensed Doctor Who figure features a new head sculpt of the Doctor as portrayed by David Tennant and comes clothed in the blue pinstriped suit and iconic trench coat and with a collection of accessories.

Pre-order from BIG Chief Studios and select to pay either in full, or via payment plan and receive exclusive incentive accessories (see below). 

Visit the BIG Chief Studios website tomorrow from 6pm for payment details and to pre-order.

Figure Specification
NEW Headsculpt of the 10th Doctor as portrayed by David Tennant
Anatomix Standard Male Slim Body with over 30 Points of Articulation
Hand-tailored costume including: trench coat; blue pinstriped suit; dark maroon shirt; printed patterned tie and training shoes
Numerous accessories including: Sonic Screwdriver (open and closed); spectacles; sunglasses; Psychic Paper Wallet; Adipose Detector and 1 x Adipose figurine
Display base with illuminating Gallifreyan symbol for the number ten

Exclusive Incentive Accessories (BIG Chief direct customers only paying in full or via payment plan)
River Song’s Sonic Screwdriver
River Song’s Diary
2 x Adpiose Figurines featuring alternate poses

The figure retails at £179.99.