REVIEW: Broadchurch: Protection: A Series Two Original Short Story

The latest Broadchurch novel turns it's attentions to Sharon Bishop, the hard nosed defence lawyer, tasked with getting a not guilty verdict for Joe Miller in the Danny Latimer murder trial. Sharon is not the most popular person in Broadchurch -  representing a suspected child killer is never going to get you many party invites, but this short provides a nice look at her personal life and the troubles she's experiencing with her son Jonah who is in prison.  We also get to meet her boyfriend Darroll, who travels to Broadchurch to help try and cheer up his over worked and exhausted partner, but who doesn't get the welcome he expected and we learn more about her relationship with her former teacher turned nemesis Jacqueline Knight.
The Sharon we know on screen comes across as an abrasive and prickly character, but in this short you learn to understand more of her background and what's going on behind the scenes as she's struggling to cope with the pressure of work and the emotional turmoil of her child being behind bars. You begin to feel sympathetic towards her plight as you realise the amount of stress she's under from all sides.
Like many of the female characters in Broadchurch Sharon is consumed with the feeling of guilt. In her case she believes she's not a good enough mother, she feels she should have been there more for her son when he was a child, but her career came first and now she's desperate to do all she can to protect him.
Erin Kelly has once again provided us with the perfect companion to the series.

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