Radio Times Preview Episode 7 Of Broadchurch

The latest issue of the Radio Times offers a preview for Episode 7 of Broadchurch, which will be broadcast on Monday 16 February on ITV at 9pm:

You can read it below, as it's a preview it will contain some 'spoilers'


Whoa! Inadmissable! Defence barrister Sharon Bishop should be disbarred for her outrageous summing up as the trial of Joe Miller draws to a close. Come on, Judge Sharma, say something!
She doesn't, of course, because it's a drama and Broadchurch isn't alone in being so elastic with legal protocols that you can the snap as they give under the strain. But let's not get too hung up on this, it's still a terrific (penultimate) episode that will leave you shrieking as the final credits scroll.
As the jury retires to consider it's verdict (and not, we hope to grab a few coffees in a nearby caff and take a straw poll on local opinion on Miller's guilt), Alec and Ellie unpeel more layers from the Sandbrook case. Meanwhile, symbiotic sex machines Claire and Lee have a chat on the beach and Alec tells a suspect, "I look at you and I see someone stained by death."

The current issue of Radio Times also features an interview with Broadchurch actress Eve Myles.