PHOTOS: Big Chief Tenth Doctor Figure Update

Check out the latest update on the brand new Tenth Doctor 1:6 Figure in an exclusive sneak peek image courtesy of manufacturers Big Chief Studios.

The new figure, which depicts the Doctor as played by David Tennant in his blue pinstripe suit, has been carefully and painstakingly carved using hundreds of photos as reference. It will also come complete with a selection of intricately modelled tiny accessories. Big Finish gave a look at some of these via their Facebook page yesterday.

The release date and selling price is to be confirmed but typically the 1:6 scale figures range from £159.99 to £189.99. The officially licensed figure will be the second of the Tenth Doctor in the Big Chief 1:6 scale range. A strictly limited anniversary edition was produced in 2013; all 1000 units plus 300 limited signature edition figures sold out almost immediately. 

The completed figure will be available for pre-sale at the end of this month. To make sure you don't miss the date or any further developments, Like the Big Chief Studios Facebook page here and help bring the completed Tenth Doctor out of the shadows!