Julian Clary On David Tennant's Just A Minute Debut: "Something Brilliant And Thrilling"

Julian Clary has described David Tennant's incredible debut on BBC Radio 4's Just A Minute and the moment that the whole studio joined the applause for the 60 second speech that he achieved on his first go. Writing for The Independent's Indy Voices, Julian was generous in his respect for David, reiterating how difficult the show is, especially for first timers.

"Tennant had managed to do something unprecedented in the show's 50-year history and we all knew we had seen something brilliant and thrilling," he said. "First time on the show and indeed the first time he opened his mouth, he spoke for the full 60 seconds without hesitation, repetition or deviation on the subject "Exit, Pursued by a Bear". This is the verbal equivalent of a record-breaking pole vault performed by someone who was a stranger to the pole."

David took part in Radio 4's classic panel game in which the contestants are challenged to speak on a given subject for a minute without hesitation, repetition or deviation in the first episode of the new series which aired last nightJulian, the episode winner, also reveals that it wasn't just the audience who celebrated David's round.

"The other panelists (myself, Stephen Fry and Paul Merton) joined in the rapture, as did the chairman Nicholas Parsons, the whistle blower, the producer and even the surly BBC security, " he said.

To read Julian's full article, in which he also recounts his own first time on the show, click here.

If you missed the show last night, it's available to listen to or download here.