FAN REACTION: Broadchurch Series 2, Episode 8

On 23rd  February the final episode of the second series of Broadchurch premiered in the UK and Ireland and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama.

Earlier in the series, as Hardy and Miller continued their unofficial investigation into the Sandbrook case, new information forced them to re-evaluate what they believed, and Ellie later found herself exposed and alone. Now, the mystery drama reaches a dramatic conclusion, and after all the twists and turns, the truth is finally revealed - changing lives for ever.

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Please do not read the comments if you have not seen the episode as they contain spoilers.

Frederica Beadsley 
Fabulous Drama. Well written and the acting was superb by all. Will wait patiently for the next series . David & Olivia cannot go separate ways they are the best team I have seen in a long while. Well Done to all involved.

Maxine Louise Wilkinson 
Brilliant storyline although I'm still not sure that Joe is guilty. I think he is covering for their son. Glad Sandbrook was solved - such a sad turn of events.

Diane Atkinson 
Truly gripping... Kept you wanting to see more... No real clues how it would end... Edge of your seat stuff!!... Fantastic cast! fantastic writing! Bring on series 3

Kirsty Nock 
It was amazing, had me guessing right until the very end and not many programmes can do that!! Definitely watching the new series!

Tracey Sultana 
British drama at its best !

Laura Allen 
Loved the whole Sandbrook case and not just because Lee is bloody gorgeous! Still think the vicar killed Danny, I'm not letting that drop, Joe's innocent, I just know it! So glad that for once a TV show got the verdict right; perfectly in line with how it would have gone in real life, brilliant, well done!

Marinella Testoni 
Until the first 40 minutes I was disgusted by the violence and the human wickedness but in the end Chibnall has given us such a wonderful final, full of hope and grace. Thank you Chris for all the emotions. I love you!!!

Brinda Chana
I generally don't watch TV. But I have been totally hooked on Broadchurch. It's been emotional, exciting and unpredictable. Loved the ending, can't wait to watch series 3. Thanks for the entertainment.

Sarah Darby 
Such a gripping series and love the dynamic between miller and hardy. Was it Joe or not? There is still that question mark there over Danny's murder. Looking forward to series 3 with more fantastic writing and acting.

Chrissy Phillips 
Simply fabulous. Twists and turns and it left you wanting more....and Series 3 to come...fantastic. Well done to the cast and crew...great second series.

Cat Hepple 
Beautiful, exquisite and moving. Enjoyed every moment of this clever, and fabulously observed drama. Well done to the team. Bring on series 3.

Lana McAlan 
Fantastic ending. Loved it. Great pairing of David Tennant and Olivia Coleman. Lots of awards to come I think. Well done everyone.

Jade Lynn Smyth 
Absolutely loved the ending... Liked the cliffhanger! But I loved the fact that both families got together in the end to put all the badness behind them. Well done to the Broadchurch gang, can't wait for series 3!!

Jennifer Betts 
Great ending, part of me wanted to kill Joe but the pacifist in me was happier with the outcome, David was excellent and Olivia has turned Miller into a bad ass! Great TV.

Tracy Regan 
Absolutely awesome...loved every minute off it start to finish. I never moved on the edge off my seat...cant wait for series three...brilliant acting from hardy and miller great team and all the rest of the cast outstanding..mondays will never be the same until the next one.

Amy Louise Peace 
Loved it, Claire was amazingly sinister, brilliant acting all round. Knew Joe would get off but I didn't guess what happened to the girls!? FAB. Can't wait for series 3...

Rosie Simmonds 
Absolutely gripping from start to finish! So well written, acted and directed. Mind blowing finale! Loved the payback to Joe and the image of them all sending him away. So clever! A roller coaster of emotions from start to finish. Wow!

Rachael Webb 
I loved how Beth and Mark confronted Joe! That scene was really powerful! Also the final scene on the beach was a great scene with everyone happy whilst remembering Danny! 

Carol Young 
I have loved and raved about this show from day one though have to say that the final was too rushed .. After every aspect being dragged out each week it was disappointing to have the story of the the girls being told the way it had been told.. Didn't like it... The writing is tremendous, the actors are outstanding and the dramatisation is gripping but felt that was missing in this rushed through ending  ....

Ellie Cooper
Epic. Amazing. Brilliant. Loved every second of it. Great acting. Love David Tennant. I guessed that the father had something to do with his daughters death and i also thought they would find joe miller not guilty. Hooked from start to finish.

Tara Roche 
Was a slow start this series, but wow they pulled it out the bag. Was totally gripped again, British TV drama at its bloody best. Thank you for some intelligent tele again x P.s a fabulous bit of acting in there too guys

James Ian 
Best ending of series 2. Joe is gone and everyone is at peace. One of the best Tv programmes ever. Bring on series 3. P.s great acting to David Tennant & Olivia Colman. Truly Amazing. Nothing more to be said!

Rita Bishop 
Throughly enjoyed, great from start to finish, not interested if court room processes not absolutely correct, just enjoyed story, acting and characters, that's what's it all about, entertainment, it's not a legal documentary! bring on the third series. 

Sarah Ilott Was Turner 
Absolutely loved it. Keeps you guessing from start to finish! Acted out superbly by all. Cannot wait for the third series. Please don't make us wait another 2 years tho! By the way, I think the Vicars involved!?

Kirsi Isaksson 
What a fantastic finale! Loved it, so gripping.. Very well written series and brilliantly acted, esp Tennant / Coleman.. Cannot wait to see more..! Roll on series 3!!

Hannah Thornton 
Was it actually joe tho? Wouldn't be surprised if series three reveals some different scenarios and new evidence. ..We shall see.. exciting stuff!

Chris Duffy 
Absolutely INCREDIBLE, I was hooked on the storyline in both seasons! The writers do a FANTASTIC job, the actors are TRUELY BRILLIANT in their portrayals and the camera angles and EFFECTIVE scene setting are honestly IMPRESSIVE and dramatic! It is deep and believable! 10/10

Liz Whitmore 
Great end to sub plot but disapponted there wasn't any doubt as to Danny's killer still...I mean he still didn't deny it when he was banished so what's going to be in a third series? Unless some new evidence appears?

Claire Black 
Was totally hooked but quite disappointed that the truth to Danny's killer has not been revealed. It did apparently take 2 years to find the sandbrook ( not a real 2 years obviously) murders so it has to be over another series at least. Great acting!!

Tracey Pool 
Loved series 2 from start to finish, looking forward to series 3. What am I going to watch next Monday night now? Maybe I'll watch series 1 again on DVD 

Jo Wendes 
Superb. And not just the story but the whole thing. The lighting, scenery, filming and camera work, brilliant acting, excellent characters. It was all so beautifully done. A real piece of art in my opinion. Broadchurch is the best series I've seen in a long time.

Kerry Warman 
Thought the chemistry between Olivia Coleman and David Remnant was great. MILLER!

Sue Neve 
One of the few programmes I have to give my total undivided attention to. It's almost a race to see how far into the episode a piece of information is discovered and 'BAM' the viewers mind is racing trying to establish any connections before the onscreen characters do. It's emotional, surprising, gripping and addictive. Bravo! Simply Bravo!

Sophie Louise 
Loved the finale, expected the father as the killer but the addition of Lee being the killer also was a brilliant plot twist..expected the death of Joe after the lack of justice and the 3rd season would be about who killed him as noone wanted him to walk free...but I'm so glad it ended on a happy note!