FAN REACTION: Broadchurch Series 2, Episode 7

On 16th February the penultimate episode of the second series of Broadchurch premiered in the UK and Ireland and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama.

In the episode a trap is set - but will it have the desired result? Paul Coates steps in to help a figure in distress, and in a turn of events she could never have foreseen, Ellie finds herself exposed and alone.

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Please do not read the comments if you have not seen the episode as they contain spoilers.

Rachel Hagar 
TV at its best. Something that gets you thinking and discussing theories. It just pulls you in. Brilliantly acted too!

Fiona Henderson 
Could Watch Olivia And David Tennant All day. Fantastic acting.

Alison Marler 
Was sat on the edge of my seat wanting the verdict then the programme ended, cruel very cruel

Brooklyn Hubbard 
There were so many amazing scenes, but two have to take the top. Claire and Lee's brawl In the water was very well filmed, and showed the true colours of both of those characters. I'm also not quite sure how Chris Chibnall managed to put so much emotion in a scene, but I was terrified during the last suspenseful minutes of the episode.

Shirley Avery 
Intriguing, frustrating, compelling, just brilliant and with an amazing cast. Hardy and Miller, what a duo !

Janet Bonney 
Cant wait for next week. Brilliant writing and acting. Dont want it to end. Series 3 please.

Danielle Tredgett 
Sitting at Edge of my seat trying to figure out everything! It's mind boggling and just when I thought I had a theory my decision changes!

Clare Murray 
You just keep throwing in little titbits, I love it, can't wait for next week. The suspense has my heart pumping. Wonderful writing.

Samantha Taylor 
Never thought I'd find myself looking forward to Monday's, yet here I am dying for next Monday!

Claire McKee 
I screamed at the TV when they cut before the verdict, even though I knew they would. It is such a gripping programme you can't help but get sucked in!

Julie 'killjoy' Massie 
It was ace! Roll on next week.. unless the suspense actually kills me!

Julie Rose
JUST LOVE IT xx so many twists and turns, I am just so wrapped up in it xx how am I going to cope with waiting another week xx HELP xx

Emz Robin Jayne 
I'm going to be feeling sick with nerves all week now. You clever, evil writers. The sandbrook case is really hotting up. Ooooh you have us so hooked!

Jan Howard 
Absolutely gripping. An hour is just not enough. Wonderful cast, especially Olivia Coleman, Charlotte Rampling, and the gorgeous talented David Tennant. Can't wait for next week.

Kimberly Dawn Orchard 
Absolutely riveting, can't believe that I have to wait a whole week for the verdict but that's just good TV.

Jill Unthank 
There's got to be a 3rd series - just can't see how they can round it all off in one episode!

Alison Paterson 
I just hope next Weeks final episode is really good and doesn't leave things unanswered, unless of course there will be a third series. A lot of intrigue around Claire and hubby, and what had happened to Lisa???

Paula Miles 
Just when you think you have worked out who done their is another twist and you aint got a clue !!!

Julie Ashton 
Don't want it to end. They could do another, senario he's guilty but they find out he's covering for someone and it all begins again I would love it. 

Louise Addy 
No one was allowed to breathe/move/dogs couldnt bark/cat couldnt fight/tv up loud, in my house.
Hahaha....i love it. Even asked my 10yr old daughter to turn her singing down in the shower. #badmother #topseries #thoughtitwaslastone #rollonnextweek

Angie Kew 
You know that thing where you can't talk but inhale with your mouth for a few seconds whilst clenching your fists...... yeah that! Fab and left me needing more AGAIN!

Flick Cutler 
The best Cliff Hanger in all of TV History #Bitingnails xx

Jo Wendes 
Awesome! One of my favourite shots was Beth, Mark and their barristers outside the courtroom with Jocelyn standing with her back to the camera. Beautifully shot.

Kelly Elizabeth Mayne 
Such a well written series. Really interesting characters. It certainly is the best thing on the telly and I shall miss my weekly dose of a anxiety.

Samantha Jenkins 
Gripping stuff. You certainly know how to leave on a cliffhanger! Was hoping we'd get the verdict and then next week the girls murder would be solved.

Angie Stewart 
Had me on the edge of my seat shouting GUILTY at the tv ... can't wait for next week ... gonna miss it when it finishes ...  
Please let there be a series 3 ...

Aisha Crossley 
That scene .. Beth confiding in Ellie she would leave Mark, what a fantastic piece of acting. I'm a hard nut but Ellie's quivering lip and her eyes filling up as she struggled to stay composed brought an actual lump to my throat. Love Broadchurch and the acting is AMAZING!

Samantha Taylor 
I have a permanent case of butterflies now. On the edge...suspense...more questions than answers - I expect nothing less from Broadchurch. Next week will be EPIC!!!!

Owen English 
Fantastic as always! Gripping, and as always a twist in the tale! Had me on the edge of my seat when the jury reached a verdict!!

Karen Jackson 
On the edge of my seat......fab writing and brilliant acting!!! What a final episode next week will be!

Jemma Bell 
I never normally shout at tv programmes... I'm rather calm and collected. 
But the ending of this weeks episode made me yell out "Nooooooooooooooo" 
What a cliffhanger to keep us waiting on you swines lol!

Jen Parry 
Love it just when you think you know what is happening you throw another snipit of something else love it .he has to be guilty but the way it is going they could say not guilty .did the girls get incinerated who knows sit on the edge of my seat each Monday FANTASTIC BROADCHURCH love it