FAN REACTION: Broadchurch Series 2, Episode 6

On 9th February the sixth episode of the second series of Broadchurch premiered in the UK and Ireland and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama.

Last week, as Miller and Hardy continued their unofficial investigation into the Sandbrook case, new information forced them to re-evaluate the things they believed. Now, Ellie is trying to wrestle back control, while time starts to run out for Alec. Elsewhere, Beth has to face an emotional ordeal alone.

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Please do not read the comments if you have not seen the episode as they contain spoilers.

Michelle Finlay 
Wow another amazing episode. Can't wait for next week.
The way its going with all the unexplained loose ends at this rate Broadchurch 3 will be soon around the corner.

Sarah Narramore 
David tennant.... Fantastic!!! Olivia Coleman... Fantastic!!! Perfect partnership! What a brilliant mind the writer has to come up with all the twists and turns in this series. I just hope there's not a cruel twist for Alec in the end.  to all who play a part in this amazing drama! Thank you ITV for bringing it back for a second series. Pure genius xxx

Rylie Whitchurch 
That was actually more rewarding and slightly less stressful than I expected it to be. Still loads of terrifying moments, and lots of panic, but also some very sweet moments, and lots of rewarding bits.

Ashleigh May Gardner 
I was constantly on the edge of my seat! I've never gasped so much in my life!!! Claire is more involved than we think!!!

Sharon Johnson 
Wasn't sure about the new series, but am now gripped! Think Clare and Lee are the 'Fred and Rose West' of the show...never trusted Clare at all.

Mandy Smith 
Absolutely brilliant. I dont want it to end. It has you hooked from beginning to end. Can't wait for next Monday

Murielle Etchegaray 
Incredible acting from everyone. Thanks for making my head spin in all directions

Helena Evans 
Absolutely fantastic, I am going nuts as to what's going on but loving it too.

Claire McKee 
Amazing! Cried twice and gasped a few times. Dreading it ending.

Heather Alexandra Baross 
Another brilliant episode. A week is just too long to wait for the next one!

Eleanor McLees 
Fascinating, twists and turns everywhere.

Liz Wood 
im going to need a holiday after this finishes, its so gripping and intense, im exhausted!!

Andrea Simmons 
"I'm alive" and "no more broken heart" is all I wanted to hear from tonight's episode! Let's hope we're not taken down that road with Alec Hardy again anytime soon - he can solve Sandbrook, Miller has the key

Polly Anna 
Brilliant! The flatline sound effect was cruel ... Could easily have ruined my week!!!! On a Monday too!!! Amazing drama! Claire is scary ... I said week one she was involved .... Can't wait for next week! And classic Alec quote "no more broken heart ... All fixed".

Lottie Connor 
I thought Alec died. mini panic attack.

Sarah Melody 
I knew Claire would be more involved. It was great tonight. Desperate to know what's going to happen next. Glad they have fixed Alecs broken heart!

Anne-Laure Michiels 
Nearly got a heart attack! Thought Alec was actually going to die  And again, great play by David Tennant and Olivia Colman! One of the best episodes so far... Claire really is getting on my nerves though

Gemma Ashton 
Best episode so far of either series! Totally gripping and dying to know what's next. Monday's just don't come quick enough anymore!

Tina Wade 
Totally my favourite show on TV right now! Thrilling viewing! I feel all the anger, sadness and the hope in the characters.

Filomena Borba 
Breathless...terrifying... fabulous and rich in all senses... and the acting... oh God...

Claire Minter 
Oh I'm lovin the whole series. Watched the first series again over the weekend, just to refresh my memory. I like the other story going on at the same time, don't know why some people aren't liking it

Ruth Lily Smith 
I love the show, but I don't know if it's just me, but it's getting more and more confusing each week, but that's my opinion.

Mhairi Suzanne 
I feel like I have a heart condition! So tense. Thought Ellie was a goner. How many more episodes are there? Can't cope!!

Samantha Taylor 
Did Joe do it? They are playing this really well. We are almost deliberately being distracted by the Sandbrook case maybe? As usual gripping to watch! Roll on next Monday.

Ruby Gibbs 
Thank you ITV for something worth watching.

Kim Crossman 
Was so worried, I thought Alec was dead, thank god he wasn't! Great story line and love the way everyone seems to be interlinked with each other!

Lizz Radcliffe 
Another enthralling episode, the characters becoming enmeshed in each other's lives. Utterly compelling.

Vikki Gill 
Absolutely love this program ... And the people who are whinging about it watch something else !!!! If you don't like it that simple  .... Love David Tennant amazing actor ... The rest of the cast top acting.

Vicki Cotterell 
Incredibly compelling, poignant, and beautifully acted as always. Top quality TV 

Natasha Layton-Rees 
I'm on the edge of my seat with every episode of Broadchurch,I hope Joe goes down for the murder and I love David Tennant as Alec Hardy.

Emma Ludden 
Plot keeps on twisting delivering more tension each week and the acting is superb...Olivia Coleman's scene with her characters son had me choked and tears in eyes, she is wonderful! Glad the character of Alec is alive to see another day!

Beth Lear 
Ellie and her son scene was bloody brilliant! Brought a tear to my eye and I thought "about bloody time"

Michelle Hague 
Best so far, it just keeps twisting, just as I think I spot a clue, something else makes me change my mind. Best written and acted drama since the last series.

Allanah Paris Hooper 
Thought Alec died and nearly lost my mind. Not cool Broadchurch, not cool. 
P.S. GRIPPED. Don't know who did it. Must know. Now.