FAN REACTION: Broadchurch Series 2, Episode 5

On 2nd February the fifth episode of the second series of Broadchurch premiered in the UK and Ireland and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama.

The episode saw Hardy and Ellie continue their unofficial investigation into the Sandbrook case and new information forced them to re-evaluate the things they believed - is it possible that they've been wrong about everything so far? Barrister Sharon received unexpected help, while local reporter Olly Stevens got a major scoop.

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Please do not read the comments if you have not seen the episode as they contain spoilers.

Julia Toffy 
I am impressed with each and every episode. The fantastic thing about this show is that every wrinkle, every face expression change, every smirk, every word and movement are extremely important. And the actors' work is brilliant. David Tennant and Olivia Colman are brilliant, can't love them enough!

Joan Bradley 
Yes, brilliant - please say that there will be a third series, it's the best thing on t.v. at the moment and the acting as well as the writing is also brilliant

Allen Schilling 
Really great episode. Opening scene was great drama. Cinematography was top notch. Really beautiful.

Lulu Lucy Patten 
I'm enjoying it, can get a grip of the characters, interesting and thought provoking with twists and turns, not your average crime/thriller/murder this one definitely gets you thinking more. xx

Mandy Booped McMullan 
Love it! Much darker than the first.

Ginny Camp 
I think this series is fab. I love how it's keeping us guessing. It's too easy these days for dramas to lay everything out for us so we can figure things out. But I haven't a clue so far and can't wait to find out who has done what. David is fantastic as always.

Sandra Aitken 
its very gripping and darker than the first series!!!I keep thinking ive got it then wham it gets deeper!!!cant wait to see who did do it!!!but hope they keep it to very end!!!

Denise Innes Galea 
I love it, it's not long enough, never want it to end, but I haven't a clue who did it, the plot thickens after every episode!

Marija Stankovich 
I love Ellie's determination to solve the Sandbrook case. It is great to see her do something again.

Emma Lugsden Ball 
I keep forgetting that we're watching the trial for Broadchurch, I've been totally sucked in to the Sandbrook case!

Louisa Taylor 
It's so frustrating!!! Whenever you think you know where it's going it takes a different turn!! Best series ever to grace ITV!

Jeni CocktailQueen Kirk 
I think both cases are linked in some way ( maybe lol ) but this is broadchurch everytime you think your close to figuring it out WHAM another curve ball 
Absolutely love it 

Andrew Cooper 
Strongest episode of the new series so far, getting better and better 

Joyce Kelleher 
In one word "addictive"! Brilliant stories and fantastic actors. I just cannot wait for the next installment. I bought the boxset of series one last year and watched it in one weekend. Well done!!

Angela Guilfoyle 
Seems Hardy didnt do his job properly in Sandbrook....too many unanswered questions. Am loving the twists & turns of this series... everyone a suspect now!!!

Aidan Lewis 
You left it on a cliffhanger...why did you have to leave it on a cliffhanger... now i want it to be monday again and nothing in this world will ever make me say that again!!!!!

Irene Booth 
Just wish it was Monday again tomorrow! Torture having to wait for the next episode. When I think I've worked out what's happened there's another twist. Brilliant writing & superb acting & best of all marvellous David Tennant.

Fleur Clifton 
Completely ingenious plot! British drama at its best,leaves you wanting more each week!

Susanne Ruitenberg 
This was definitely the episode with the most beautiful photography, wonderful nature shoots to accompany those hints at very dark and very violent secrets. Some unveiled, more discovered and to be investigated into. Some loose ends picked up from previous episodes and new threads unloosened. Please someone send the T.A.R.D.I.S. to me asap so that I can go to next monday ...

Traci Bowers Ward 
This show is going to be the death of me. I'm on edge, yelling at the tv like a crazy person! 

Dawn Cameron Jones 
best EVER drama!! just about everything is "spot on" from the acting/filming/location..and that brilliant twisted plot!! Please don't let David die....

Anne Nicol 
I absolutely love Broadchurch. Every Monday I am on the edge of my seat,chewing my nails and trying to work things out. I believe that this Sandbrook case is all about an adult sexual ring that somehow got out of hand. I think Lee is lying and so is Claire. They found the furnace and I just hope that they don't find bones in there or something that belongs to Lisa. If Lisa was alive then why has she not come forward. I also believe that Tom knows more about Danny's death,maybe he killed Tom and his Dad is covering up for him. A wonderful episode full of suspense,twists and turns,lies and deceit. Please do not kill off Hardy. I would love a Broadchurch 3. As I said before it's simply the best and outclasses and excels all other television programmes. Broadchurch should win every award going. Superb,brilliant,wonderful and out of this world. Number 1 forever in my book. Hurry up next Monday as I want to know what happens next. Let's fast forward this week please. Absolutely supreme programme.

Jessica Wilson 
I am very anxious about how ill Hardy is. I always feel like I'm hyperventilating when he's having the attacks... Then when he went to put his will together I was holding back tears! Please tell me the sandbrook trial is solved and he starts getting relief a bit and gets the surgery he needs to survive... Id like another season of Broadchurch but it can't be without him!!

Thomas Andrew Evans 
Another amazing episode (no suprise) every time you think you have an idea of who did it something comes out and then completely changes everything I also love how the story is unravelling

Samantha Taylor 
Some of the best scenes are where there is no dialogue, just great shots and brilliant acting. I am not a fan of 'detective' or 'whodunnit' shows but Broadchurch has me hooked. Well written, even better acted. Every character has depth not just the leads (love Olivia and David!). Can't wait until next week!

Emese Szilágyi 
The best episode of this season, so far. Drama and humor in a great balance. Gave me the chill, which I experienced during season 1. Next Monday cannot come soon enough! (And don't you dare kill Hardy, Mr. Chibnall!)

Elizabeth Mulholland 
Never fails to keep you gripped. Still leaving you wondering who did really kill the young boy please do not kill off David Tennant. His illness seems to be escalating

Katie Hawkins 
I feel like taking down a picture and starting my own police wall to work out the program!  
Tom Miller - dodgy! Think he feels guilty for something and that's why he won't be near his mum and wants to speak up for his dad?
Excellent viewing as always!