David Tennant Teases A Possible Theatre Return This Year

David Tennant has dropped a big hint that he may be returning to the stage later this year.

David was talking to journalists during the WhatsOnStage Awards last night shortly after he had been honoured by theatre goers who had voted him winner of the Best Actor In A Play award for his performance in Richard II. David revealed that he still has a number of Shakespearean roles that he is keen to play, including Iago in Othello and Malvolio in Twelfth Night.

Confirming that he was in talks about a future production, David said, "We don't exactly, but hopefully something this year with a bit of luck."

"Iago is quite appealing, isn’t it? Malvolio as well. The joy is that the roles stretch into middle age and old age so I can keep trotting them out if people keep asking me," he added. "These plays have been revived for 400 years and there's no sign of that letting up. I think it's the language that sings down the centuries and it's still speaking to people today. 

He also explained why he believed that Shakespeare continued to thrill audiences "I think that the people who make the theatre love it because it's the best words, and the people who come to the theatre are clearly moved and excited by it.  We're so lucky to grow up with English as a first language as we get to experience that raw as it were. It's a real advantage to being born on this side of the world. It's a real treat to have that."

David has just begun work on his next project, Marvel's A.K.A Jessica Jones which will be released on Netflix later this year.

Source: Digital Spy