David Tennant On Marvel's Jessica Jones And Enthusiastic Fan Followings

David Tennant told press last night that he does not feel under pressure from fans as he makes his first foray into the Marvel Comics Universe. He was talking moments after he received his award for Best Actor In A Play for Richard II at the WhatsOnStage Awards in London.

David has just begun work on his next project, the thirteen-part Netflix series Marvel's A.K.A Jessica Jones, an adaptation of the comic book series Alias. Last week he was in New York where the series has just gone into production. He will be playing supervillain Kilgrave, also known as The Purple Man, who has a prior history with the eponymous Jessica and whose reappearance in her life is set to cause disruption. However, David, who spent five years as the Doctor in Doctor Who and who has also appeared in the Harry Potter franchise, said he was feeling quite relaxed about the fan attention the role will bring.

"Things that have huge fan followings are wonderful to be a part of as they're so enthusiastic about things," he said. "It's wonderful to be in something that people care about and are focused on.”

However, he was not able to expand any further on the show. “ I think that is the absolute total of what I'm allowed to say!" he added.

Marvel's A.K.A. Jessica Jones, also starring Krysten Ritter and Carrie-Anne Moss, will be released on Netflix later this year. It will be the second of four planned Marvel Studios miniseries exclusively for Netflix in association with ABC and will be preceded by Daredevil, due in April. Marvel hope that the franchise will lead into a feature film.  

Source: Digital Spy