BROADCHURCH: What Will The Trial Verdict Be? Cast Your Vote Now

Tonight after eight weeks we get the verdict in the trial of Joe Miller. Will the jury find him guilty or not guilty? 

Now's your chance for you to play jury, weigh up the evidence and have your say. With only the evidence that the jury have to work with what do you think that the verdict will be?


  • It does not matter that Joe confessed. The Jury were instructed to disregard the confession after it came to light that Ellie had attacked him in custody. 
  • It does not matter that we saw Joe kill Danny in flashback. That's Joe's version of events and might not be what actually happened.

Why Joe could be found guilty

  • He has a terrible temper and once put someone in hospital over a parking place
  • He was identified by Lucy Stevens dumping something in a bin in the early hours of the morning
  • Ellie took a sleeping pill so cannot provide him with an alibi
  • His shoe size matched footprints found at the hut
  • He sent Danny texts from his mobile
  • He did not take the witness stand in his own defence

Why Joe could be found not guilty

  • Any member of the Miller family could have used the phone or laptop to contact Danny (though as Hardy pointed out, probably not Fred)
  • Hardy and Miller may have had their own reasons for getting Joe out of the way - it's implied they were having an affair
  • Mark Latimer was also in the area at the time of Danny's death and Danny may have discovered his affair with Becca
  • Mark was known to have hit Danny
  • Susan Wright says that she saw Nige on the beach, not Joe. Under questioning she could not give a clear identification either way
  • There is no evidence that Joe left the house on the night of Danny's death
  • Joe was injured in custody - some of these injuries could have been caused by Hardy to obtain a confession.

It was a close thing - as Joe's verdict was announced you'd voted 49% Guilty and 51% Not Guilty

What will be the verdict in Joe Miller's trial?

Not Guilty
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