Broadchurch Season 2 In The USA: Meet The Characters

On 4 March the second season of Broadchurch will premiere on BBC America.

Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller is still reeling from the revelation that 11-year old Danny Latimer was murdered by her husband, Joe. As the residents of the sea-side town deal with the aftermath of Danny’s murder and Joe’s arrest, Detective Inspector Alec Hardy is haunted by an old investigation when a witness from an unsolved murder case comes asking for help.

To get you ready for your return to Broadchurch, here's a quick run down of the characters you'll be spending the next 8 weeks with:

Detective Inspector Alec Hardy
An experienced detective, Hardy’s name was tarnished quite publicly when he found himself at the center of a scandal surrounding a major case he was investigating. Having fled big city life for a small-town, Hardy had just arrived in Broadchurch when 11-year-old Danny Latimer was murdered. Hardy knew he was facing another tough case and was determined to get it right this time. It seemed he had until Joe Miller’s hearing quickly escalates into a full trial – re-opening a chapter that all of Broadchurch thought had finally been closed. At the same time, Hardy’s past comes to light, causing new faces and shocking truths to emerge in Broadchurch.

Ellie Miller
Ellie, a mother of two, never imagined that her husband would be arrested for the crime she and Hardy had so tirelessly been investigating. Ellie’s life has since fallen apart: the man she once called her husband is now on trial for murder, her son wants nothing to do with her and her closest friend, Beth Latimer, despises her. Beth places much of the blame of Danny’s death on Ellie’s shoulders. Now, Ellie struggles to deal with her new reality. She looks forward to the day when her son, Tom, accepts her back, praying that Joe will soon be convicted – only then can she and Tom begin to move on. When Hardy asks for Ellie to help him put an old case to rest, it presents an opportunity for her to make something right again in the world – a feeling she desperately needs. At the same time, Hardy’s past introduces Ellie to someone who might just understand her pain.

Beth Latimer
Beth faced every parent’s worst nightmare when her 11-year-old son Danny was found murdered. With an emotionally distant husband (Mark) and a distraught rebellious teenage daughter (Chloe), Beth struggled to lead her family through the horrific tragedy as all their secrets were laid bare. While hanging on by a thread, Beth learned she was pregnant just as she discovered Mark was having an affair with Becca Fisher, the local hotelier. Now, with a new baby on the way, Beth is determined to see justice for the child she lost before bringing another into the world.

Mark Latimer
Mark, the town’s plumber, is popular among the locals, but everyone has their secrets – including him. His affair with Becca Fisher (the local hotelier) was revealed after he was suspected of murdering Danny. Mark’s name was cleared, but his marriage to Beth remains on the rocks. Though they await the arrival of a new baby, Mark struggles to deal with the pain of losing his son and grows ever more distant from Beth in the process.

Chloe Latimer
Chloe is Beth and Mark’s only daughter. Though once rebellious, she had no choice but to grow up quickly following the murder of her younger brother, Danny. And with her father growing increasingly distant, Chloe has become someone for her pregnant mother to lean on.

Joe Miller
To everyone in Broadchurch, Joe had appeared to be a devoted husband to Ellie and loving father to their two children. But as it turned out, Joe had much to hide, including a secret relationship with Danny Latimer, whom he later confessed he had both loved and murdered.

Tom Miller
Tom, Ellie and Joe Miller’s son, was Danny Latimer’s best friend. Following Joe’s arrest for Danny’s murder, Tom refuses to live with Ellie and is now living with relatives.

Sharon Bishop Queen’s Counsel
No-nonsense barrister Sharon Bishop doesn’t take on a case she doesn’t believe she can win, and Joe Miller is her newest project. But this case might find Sharon on the opposing side to her former mentor, esteemed barrister Jocelyn Knight. The two have a history together – one not without tensions and fractures…with a possible vendetta developing along the way as a result. Beyond the case, what effect will the trial have on Sharon’s personal life?

Abbie Thompson
Junior barrister Abbie Thompson gets a huge shock as Joe enters his plea. Abbie urges her superior, Sharon Bishop, to review the intriguing discrepancies in Joe’s file, eventually convincing Sharon to go out to Broadchurch with her to take on the case.

Jocelyn Knight Queen’s Counsel
Though she is a highly esteemed local barrister, Jocelyn has not taken a case in three years. She sympathizes with the Latimer family and is moved by their situation, but adamantly refuses to take up a new case…that is until she learns that her former pupil Sharon Bishop is given Joe’s case.

Claire Ripley
A key witness in the infamous Sandbrook murder case, Claire is the reason why Alec Hardy came to Broadchurch in the first place. After the case against Claire’s husband (suspected killer Lee Ashworth) falls apart, Hardy promises to protect Claire from the man she betrayed and hides her away in a secluded country house. But when Claire starts receiving strange phone calls, she fears for her safety – worried that her past is coming back to haunt her.

Lee Ashworth
Lee Ashworth was Alec Hardy’s primary suspect in the disappearance of 19-year-old Lisa Newberry and the murder of her 12-year-old cousin, Pippa. Having left the country after the case against him fell apart, Lee has now resurfaced. He’s intent on reuniting with the wife he once held under his thumb and is determined to keep a very close eye on the man who almost succeeded in putting him away for murder.

Maggie Radcliffe
Maggie is a veteran reporter and editor of the Broadchurch Echo. She encourages her staff, especially young reporter Olly Stevens, and holds them to high standards. Years of experience have left Maggie with strong moral convictions, and a need to seek the truth, even at high personal cost.

Olly Stevens
Olly, Ellie’s nephew, is an enthusiastic young reporter looking for a ticket out of small town news, which unfortunately comes to him in the form of Danny’s murder. Desperate to write national headlines, Olly was willing to do anything to get his story, and burned a few bridges along the way. Now that his uncle is being tried for murder, Olly is trying to make amends for his mistakes, but the young reporter still has a lot to learn.

Reverend Paul Coates
As a local religious leader, Paul does his best to keep his congregation from falling to pieces when tragedy strikes. Part of his job is to provide counseling to all members of his community, but the town might not look too highly on the reverend’s secret prison visits to Joe Miller.

Becca Fisher
Becca, the flirty Australian hotelier, whose dirty laundry of having an affair with Mark Latimer was exposed during the murder investigation, has started on a different path and is now dating Reverend Paul Coates.

Nige Carter
Nige is an employee at Mark Latimer’s plumbing company and a trusted family friend.