Broadchurch: Fan's Theories Ahead Of Tonight's Series 2 Finale

As Broadchurch concludes tonight, will we find the answers we're all looking for?
Earlier in the series, as Hardy and Miller continued their unofficial investigation into the Sandbrook case, new information forced them to re-evaluate what they believed, and Ellie later found herself exposed and alone. Now, the mystery drama reaches a dramatic conclusion, and after all the twists and turns, the truth is finally revealed - changing lives for ever.

We asked fans on our Facebook page for their theories on what the series 2 finale would reveal.
Read a selection of their thoughts below:

Jeremy Clarke  
Joe will be found not guilty, but will somehow get killed before the end... potentially by his son.

Sarah Smith 
I reckon its Tom and Joe is covering up for him.

Sarah Stone 
Joe will be found not guilty. Claire got jealous and killed the girls and Lee is covering up for her. Joe's son killed Danny and he is covering for him!

Lea Roberts 
I hope he's found guilty but I have a horrible feeling he won't be. Still not sure who killed those girls maybe Lee and Claire are in it together they seem to be thick as thieves.

Matthew Bain
I reckon Lee slept with the daughter, Claire got mad at him and killed the daughter. Lee then covered for Claire and disposed of the body.
Joe will be found Guilty.

Tracey Hooper 
Tom killed Danny and will blurt it out in the court room. Joe will be found not guilty. Claire killed the girls and the father and her were having an affair.

Janet Brooks 
Tom couldn't have done it. He was at home in bed. Becca Fisher is more likely a suspect. Claire is involved with the Sandbrook murders but I'm not sure about the girls father. He's a bit odd.

Edward Brierley
 Joe is found not guilty, and is immediately killed, setting up the mystery for Season 3. Claire is the Sandbrooke killer. Lee is covering for her. Tom actually killed Danny, and Joe is covering for him...

Nick Allflatt 
Not Guilty, Series 3 will happen.

Trudie Hawthorne 
The vicar did it and Claire did it

Abigail Stone
Lisa killed the younger girl in sandbrook and lee knows. So lisa ran away with lee to france. And Joe will not be found guilty.

Danɳy DwɕebyƝɕrd-Quɕeɳ Owɕɳ 
I think Joe will be found not guilty, the case against him just didn't seem strong enough. 
I think the Sandbrook killer is Ricky Gillespie! But I feel like Claire Ripley had something to do with it as well, either involved with the killing or covering up for someone like Ricky or Lee (who I also think is involved).

Jackie McTaggart 
Not guilty! Claire & the dad for Sandbrook. Lee is living with the older girl, in France.

Kate Johnstone Nutting 
I think it might have been Ellie that killed Danny as she found out about Joe and Danny seeing each other ,maybe Becca and Danny's dad were also involved somehow?I think Claire was the Sandbrook killer.

Cherie Pawling 
The older girl who's missing is in France because she killed the younger girl ,lee was having an affair with the older girl. Claire knows all this but doesn't want lee to go to prison so is covering it up.

Shane Crowley 
Joe is found not guilty, but he did it. And the girls mother is the sandbrook killer.

Clare Taylor 
I believe Lee and Claire maybe know the truth, but are not guilty of harming either girl, and have been possibly protecting Lisa. Ricky is involved somehow?? Maybe he did try it on with his niece, drugged her, maybe the daughter saw??? Didnt Lee also mention Rickys brother??? Maybe he was part of it. Maybe Lisa hates her aunt because she turned a blind eye to things?? Unfortunately I think Joe will be found not guilty, there isn't enough evidence and everything else including the actual confession have been compromised. If found not guilty tho, does it mean he can't be on trial again???

Thearesa Boone 
I think Joe will be found guilty. I think, like several others on this site, that Lisa is alive in France. It seems Ricky might be the killer.

Sue Lefley
 Joe will be found not guilty so the series can continue...there are so many characters that have hidden issues...the vicar for one and Pauline Quirk...I would love it to expand more and go on for for the two girls....Claire is certainly in the frame somehow..again another enormously complex character...thats what makes it so just cannot read ANYONE!!!

Pata Miljević 
If Joe is found not guilty, Mark will kill him. Or his wife. There you go, the base for season 3.

Tobie Blackford
I'm thinking Lisa killed Pippa and Lee's been hiding her out in France. Maybe it was a joint effort between the two, but primarily Lisa. Everyone know's what happened and they're all covering it up for some reason.

Amanda Webb 
I still say Tom did it but Joe will be found guilty for it and I think the Mum from Sandbrook did it as she was jealous of Lee and Lisa

Jan Vincent 
I would like Joe to be found guilty, but I think he will be found not guilty. I think that either Tom, the innkeeper or the vicar did it with Tom being more likely, but since that's how Gracepoint ended, I doubt that is what will happen in Broadchurch. I think Clare and Lee are both guilty and Lisa is in France. However I still wonder what all the fuss about the incinerator is. If Lisa was not incinerated than who was?

Helen O'Leary 
I think her mum did it in Sandford case. I think Joe will be found guilty but it will go to appeal for series 3

Holly Emerson 
Joe will be found guilty. Not sure for Sandbrook, but I do think Lee is having a relationship with Lisa and Lee is going back to France to be with her. It could be the dad. Claire is unstable.

Claire Hegarty 
Hoping he'll be found guilty and then the focus will be on Sandbrook. Think that the dead girls parents are hiding something as they were watching Miller with a different form of interest. Think that Lee may be have been running a group but Claire is unhinged and has a dark involvement. However, I seem to change my mind about it every week 

Natasha Parore
I fear it will be not guilty even though he is. Also think Lisa is in France and Lee, Claire and the dad all have something to hide...

Beverley Sinnott 
Hopefully Joe will be found guilty but I have a feeling as there might be a 3rd series he will be found not guilty. As for the Sandbrook killing, think it was Lisa who killed the young girl out of jealousy (cos they both liked Lee) & she is hiding away in France with Lee!

Helen Anne 
I want joe to be found guilty. Ellie and Tom finally moving on. Claire knows more than she is letting on. Lisa May be alive in France and she had something to do with Pippa's death. Lee is also covering for Lisa. Alec may have post op complications but I seriously hope not. Cannot handle any more Tennant characters collapsing or dying xx

Simon Burnell 
I reckon Hardy's estranged wife did it. She is only now interested in the case because she is worried.

Nicola Harris 
I think Joe is guilty.....but will be found not guilty.....the fall out will be covered in series 3.
Sandbrook....Lisa & the father definitely got something to do with it....,I think the older girl is still alive though.

Jannette Atkinson 
I think the eldest girl killed the young one by accident and she's now in France and to be truthfully honest haven't got a clue who killed Danny

Sheryl Cliff 
Maybe Lisa and Lee were having an affair. Claire and the younger child found out and the younger child died by accident. Lisa moved to France as she felt guilty and Lee covered for her. With regards to Joe, I think a not guilty verdict will happen and maybe someone will attack Ellie/Joe at the end when the real killer is revealed

Bobbie-Louise Willis 
He is guilty but will get away with it, he'll leave court and I think he'll be killed, which will then lead on to series 3

Sara Rafinski 
If I got to write it, I'd probably have them find Joe not guilty (reasonable doubt blah) and upon his stubborn return to Broadchurch, someone kills him - voila, next season's murder. As for Sandbrook... I HAVE NO IDEA. Maybe Claire killed Lisa in some crazy jealousy fit and the younger girl saw it and had to die, too. And Lee helped her cover it up out of love? Seriously, I'm completely in the dark 

Louise Jones Hutchin 
Ellie killed Aanny accidentally after finding out that was he was meeting her husband so he covered for her and she then attacked him in jail knowing that when the courts found out it would put the trial in jeopardy and that he will be found not guilty ! The mother killed her daughter as she was jealous ( I would like it to be the vicar or Tom)

Amber Parker-Marshall 
I think Joe is guilty, I just don't think that the jury will say that he is guilty. As for Sandbrook, Lee is definitely involved in some way, and somehow Claire is too I just can't figure it out. There is going to be another series isn't there? There's too many things left uncovered that need solving 

Agathe Duflot 
I think that Cate Gillespie murdered the two girls when she was too drunk

Kendra Crispin 
I think Lisa killed Pippa, and the four adults have each done something to cover it up based on what they knew. But also to hide their own secrets. Meanwhile... I'm praying for a Guilty verdict. All will go to hell without it.

Paula Jane 
I won't be shocked if it doesn't happen. Some technicality perhaps. And then Joe is found either dead or beaten into a coma. That might be the next series mystery. Who attacked him. Was it his ex wife, Alec, his son, the minister, father of the victim. Maybe all of them even.

Laurie Rabinowitz
Joe will be not guilty, this will set up a lot of devastation and craziness for next year. Sandbrook will also run over into next year. Sandbrook is very complicated. I think Lisa is alive. Claire & Lisa killed Pippa because they hated Cate. Just because we saw Lee look at the furnace doesn't mean he did anything. I think that whole thing is just to throw the police off.

Helen Wimpenny 
I am looking forward to the finale. It has been good fun again. Who knows what will happen. Will hardy and ellie be still with us. If there is series three they r an essential dynamic. Will tess be killed. Making another personal sad event for hardy. Joe is guilty if he gets off.Someone will get him. Its just fun to mess with my head for ideas and theories.

Broadchurch concludes on ITV tonight at 9pm and on TV3 at 10pm