Broadchurch: Earth, Water and Fire?

The mysteries in Broadchurch continue to deepen and the intriguing plots have got our imaginations running wild.
Thanks to new evidence in the latest episode Ellie and Hardy ended up investigating Thorps an agricultural services firm situated in the area of Sandbrook around 5 miles from the home of the Gillespie family. Ellie found the name of the company written on the back of an old vechile check form along with  "Thorps Services Gary Thorp / Lee Ashworth?" There was no note of Thorp being cross checked and Hardy had never heard of it .
Upon arrival at the business premises the place looked unoccupied and Ellie and Hardy went in to to investigate where they discovered an industrial sized furnace for incinerating the bodies of farm animals. It now seems that missing teen Lisa Newbury could have been disposed of in this furnace. 

If the theory about Lisa is accurate then this means that the bodies of the murdered children have been disposed on Earth - Danny Latimer found on the beach in Broadchurch, in Water - Pippa Gillespie in a river and in Fire - Lisa Newbury in the furnace.
These are three of the Four Classic Elements Earth, Fire, Air and Water acknowledged by Wiccan and Pagan rituals. Some also add the element of Spirit.
Are the deaths all connected in some way?  Have the children been murdered based upon some kind of ancient Wiccan or Pagan ritual? If so it would be obvious to conclude that there is more than one person involved.

The Elements theory would also tie in with our thoughts on The Willow Man statue which also has strong connections to Wicca and Pagans. The willow tree itself being a symbol of death. Then there's the Bluebells which were once considered a sacred flower and were known as Dead Men's or Dead Man's Bells, because hearing the bells ringing is an omen of death...

Broadchurch continues on Monday 9th February at 9pm on ITV and 10pm on TV3