Broadchurch - Chris Chibnall Confirms Danny's Killer

Chris Chibnall has had the final word on who killed Danny Latimer.

In series one of the award winning drama Broadchurch, viewers saw Joe Miller confess to the murder of eleven-year old Danny Latimer and saw events play out in a flashback sequence as Joe strangled the schoolboy and moved his body to the beach. 

However, Joe's decision to plead not guilty at the start of series two has left many viewers confused. Many have come to the conclusion that his plea meant that Joe didn't kill Danny after all and have speculated that other characters might be guilty. Some have suggested that Joe was protecting his son Tom, the real killer, while others believe that Paul Coates, the town vicar, had something to do with the mysterious death. In the trial that followed, Joe was found not guilty of the murder and released. 

Today series writer Chris Chibnall cleared matters up in response to a fan question on Twitter about who actually killed Danny. He said,
"It was Joe. It was always Joe. Everything we showed you in ep 8 of S1 was true. The battle was truth vs justice."

ITV confirmed last night that both David Tennant and Olivia Colman would return for a third series of Broadchurch.